The Real Housewives of Miami

GOOD! The more delusional the better, luckily I still adore any of her personal scenes.
It's funny because the more awful she gets, the more I love her lol. These women are masters are throwing the buck so it's hard to dislike any of them. They're all so damn messy, but there is such a good balance on this show.

Bravo needs to study the two Peacock seasons of Miami because they're surpassing the other franchises with such ease.
Adrianna telling the ladies that they’re over 50 and they might not be able to read cause it was DARK.

I don't think Julia brings anything to the dynamics of the group. Sawry but this needs to be said. I would replace her in a second. But it's fine if she's around so QUEEN ADRIANNA can have a friend on her side.