The Real Housewives of Miami

The whole concept of a lawyer luncheon is so funny. Alexia admitting she didn't scroll down and still not apologizing!! So funny.

I hope the wannabe casting director fans don't start going after anyone in Miami. This cast is so perfect and everything brings exactly what they need to, even if some aren't as in front as others. Nothing should change because it's making perfect television. If they have room to promote someone that's totally fine, but no one should be demoted or fired. The proof is in this season that they have absolute magic here.
I now believe in Dr Nicole supremacy
I don't think Julia brings anything to the dynamics of the group. Sawry but this needs to be said. I would replace her in a second. But it's fine if she's around so QUEEN ADRIANNA can have a friend on her side.


This woman is iconic. She is the perfect lighthearted, fun, and minx-y little character. When she almost died from a hangover and then pretended it never happened, like??? Talk about stealing focus.
As I always say, others need to learn the beauty of a 16 episode Season and a Two-Part Reunion.
This is so true. I can think of many recent long HW seasons that would've benefitted from the "shorter" season. I put shorter in quotations because I still think 16 is a good number and you can see these shows going through hell trying to stretch these seasons to 20+ episodes. I get ratings make them want to stretch things out, but it's not worth it when you look at what it does to the quality of the show.

The Lawyer Party has to go down in Housewives History as one long dream of utter madness.

Wonderful TV, they all delivered and dived into the insanity, and Frankie breaking the fourth wall above them looking like he just woke from a nap, amazing.
This was the best 43 minutes of television I have ever seen. Nicole won with the black card moment and my heart broke for Lisa during her home scenes. Best episode of the season!
And all without any input from Guerdy…