The Real Housewives of Miami

The right couch came dressed to fight, they all look armoured Up, absolutely howled at Dr Nicole stepping on Larsa's neck from her off.
The growth, the power, this is a woman who cried during her first attempted take-down over a game of "trust" with practically strangers last season, and she is owning this Reunion from the start. That's a main character, it's a Bethenny, it's a Nene, it's a Tamra, but she's immensely likable. Did anyone expect this coming from last season?
Infact didn't some of you heifers call for her domotion/firing?

Lisa looks a hot sexy widow who just got away with murder, it's terrible what happened to her, and she has surprisingly become the heart of the show for me.
Larsa and Alexia look alright...

Anyhow let me watch the rest...
Whoever said Alexia and Teresa are the same person right down to the facial expressions, clueless nodding etc I can't unsee it, and I absolutely am here for it, Nicole vs Alexia will hit peak potential next season!

This has been an absolutely top notch season and I'm glad they are filming again next month, bring all these ladies back next season with a few guest appearances from Lea!
Nicole becoming that girl is a bit of a gag, the reunion is solidifying her as the heart of the show now and I think it's going to set the next season up really well.
I was ready to dump off Nicole as a weak link last season but wow, what a turnaround this year. She’s placed herself right into the cast dynamics so effortlessly this time around and is just giving such a smart, balanced edge.

Nicole feels now so essential.
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This cast has such a wonderful dynamic. Dr. Nicole becoming an all-time great in one season? Alexia becoming a franchise-best villain? Larsa remaining delightfully insufferable while Adriana & Marysol sit comfortably in their respective bubbles of delusion? I never want them to leave my life.
Also, as horrible as it was because of the fact that it was said and compared to a leg injury, but I can't get the delivery of...

*hand gestures*

out of my fucking head.
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