The Real Housewives of Miami

That flashback to the reunion at the clubhouse with Larsa's old face. I was shook.

Poor Nicole, you can tell she was shaking and enraged. Glad that Julia came to her defense.

The make up room showdown with Alexia VS Adrianna, gurl i was living. When one of the crew moved out of the way, I SCREAMED.

Is the third part the last one? I'm gonna miss my Miami muthas.
Yep, to the level that she quotes people like Graham Linehan as proof of “the trans agenda” on her social media constantly

Andy Cokeden, you better get to it! This is so fucking gross, especially coming from someone who is BUTCH presenting - you'd think they'd be more educated on this subject - worm for brains. FUCK OFF MARTINA.
Peter sharing three pics from dualipa.dailyy on his story yesterday sjdbskns. Please date her and put her in touch with your mother's nemesis Adriana please!
This was a brilliant reunion and season overall all. It’s crazy that we’ve had two seasons and I’m really not sitting here with any complaints. I don’t care what they do next season, I don’t need any previews or anything because I feel like you know they’ll deliver.

I’m just sad it’s over!