The Real Housewives of Miami

I love that Larsa, in a very rare moment, was actually somewhat in the right (in my opinion) in the argument. She didn't say Geurdy's name! But you can argue like that with someone going through what Geurdy is going through and look good!! You gotta change your approach!!

Like as much as everyone hates Larsa and Lisa, their duo of vapidity on the show is a hoot. I love them.
I haven't managed to get 'Miami is on on on on fyah' out of my head for weeks...

But I couldn't tell you the rest of the song!
Well, then it's time to stream the #1 hit (on Alexia's Spotify Wrapped) FYAH.

The Guerdy + Russell moment with the shaving her hair broke me. Both of them are just lucky to have each other. Great season overall, can't wait for the reunion.

Nicole seemed underutilised this season but then again this is a huge cast so some people are bound to be left out.

Peter looks rough now when they flashback to the previous season - sorry!
Was that the first time friend of’s have been included in the final end card update thing? Obviously the Miami friends are more like full time Housewives, but I loved it!

Yeah that really jumped out at me as well, I've never seen that happen before. Totally fitting for a cast that all pull their weight so much. I'll really miss this show, its been another fantastic run from start to finish.
Quick question: I want to get into this show but I can’t really deal with the bad production of the first season and it’s also so old now. Where should I start?