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The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Because people in the BH thread were complaining about the general thread being changed into it, as if they don't have the power to create threads themselves.

    I am the backbone of Popjustice!!!!!!
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  2. How strong are you though?
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  3. HIT A NERVE??
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  4. I’m been watching rewatching NJ from the start lately and now onto season 9. Wow, what a moment.
  5. I really enjoyed Season 8 as well.
    Soggy was a great deluded villain.
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  6. Soggy was actually hilarious in any mode she was in, villain or self help guru, I miss her.
  7. Siggy is so underrated, an absolute trainwreck in the best way. Also both of her taglines are hoots:

    84F5EB94-2792-4576-930F-F9BB12E2AA2A.gif 5553013E-A32C-4A48-8475-9A01E7473C9E.gif
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  8. Give me pizza you old troll.
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  9. How is the title of this thread not “Real Housewives of a Monkey’s Asshole that you Fucking Sucked, probably”?

    Such a missed opportunity.
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  10. I'm here for Margaret Josephs love and Melissa Gorga hate.
  11. I'm...sad about how absolute shite season 10 was.
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  12. I just watched the season three premiere for the first time..........

    I am stunned. That was a lot.
  13. Eh, it really wasn’t that bad. If you compare it to season 6 with Amber/the twins or the never ending Teresa vs. everyone saga in seasons 4 and 5, it actually wasn’t that horrible.
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  14. Well, season 6 is one of the worst ever Housewives seasons (the Marcheses were demonic) so I wouldn't want to have to compare anything to that.

    As for season 10 itself I personally hated it because of what a drop it was from season 9. They ended so many episodes on "cliff hangers" and robbed any momentum from the conflict. Also, Jennifer becoming so iconic just to serve up antisemitic teas was horrible.
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  15. I really wish Danielle had been a full cast member for the past three seasons. She's such good TV.
  16. Danielle is the most important and memorable villain of the Real Housewives franchise.
  17. To me, Jersey really is an outlier in the franchise. Season one obviously had The Table Flip, and pretty much put Housewives as a reality goldmine franchise on the map. There hadn't been a moment like that before on OC, NY or Atlanta which all came before it. My hot takes on Jersey:

    - The 'family' element sets it apart from all the other cities. Sisters Dina and Caroline being married to two brothers, and then the sister-in-law and first cousin of Teresa joining later on is incredible casting I think.

    - Danielle is unquestionably the most unhinged, evil Housewife the franchise has ever seen, which made for iconic TV seasons one + two (Country Club episodes are fanfuckingtastic).

    - After her departure and the addition of Melissa and Kathy season three, the show drastically changed course (not for better or worse, just different), and the show took on more of a TLC/Lifetime vibe because of the family drama.

    - Say what you want about the Gorgas, but they brought it in season three. Watching the premiere and the out-the-gate shots that Joe and Melissa took at Tre and Joe Giudice were pretty wild. And then of course, The Christening. Reality TV gold, but watching it back it's actually pretty shocking given the amount of small children in the room. Poor little Gia sobbing as she tries to initially break up Joe Gorga and Teresa from arguing is heart-breaking. Joe breaking down to his father in the lobby of the venue after the melee is so raw.

    - The wheels started to fall off at the end of season 4 for me, and I would put the blame of that on Bravo and production trying too hard to ride out the 'Teresa vs Everyone' storyline for too long, but the season 4 reunion is their best ever. By season 5 it got very stale - I think due to keeping the cast the same for 3 straight years (initially Jac and Kathy had been fired and 3 new wives were being brought on, including DJ Envy's wife Gia Casey.)

    - Season 6 was hot garbage, but Teresa Goes to Jail was another shocking twist in the Jersey saga. I straight-up cried when she returned home from 'camp' and saw her dorters again.

    - Season 8-10 have been a return to form but feel very different to the early seasons, so homogenised and like the other cities that it's like a different show. Not bad at all, just totally different.

    - Teresa is the stupidest Housewife and one of the stupidest people I've ever watched on a show, ever.

    - Jersey is undoubtedly the most 'ratchet' of the shows, having had a violent altercation in almost every season - and I love it.
  18. The best Jersey fights:

    The iconic Table Flip (Season 1)

    The Country Club Fight (Season 2)

    Side note - the quotes send me:
    Tre: "You know me, I'm like the sweetest person, I'm the nicest person. And I am the nicest person."
    Danielle: "No I don't know you that way, but go ahead."
    Tre: *acknowledging it* "...No. But I am!"
    Danielle: "Don't call me honey"
    Tre: *having just called her honey* "I don't wanna call you honey. Because you are old, hag. So I don't wanna call you honey, bitch. Is that better? Is bitch better? Because I was trying to be nice, but do you like that better?"
    Danielle: "That's e-fuckin-nough"

    The Christening Fight (Season 3) - the darkest one of all to me

    Melissa's thirsty sister trying to snag a spot on the show with "It was a technicality I think"

    The Season 4 Reunion best bits:
    - Teresa forcing Melissa to sing kills me
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  19. The Retreat Fight - Joe vs Joe (Season 5)

    Piece Of Shit, Coke-whore, Homewrecker, Everyday (Season 8)

    Soggy vs Margaret and Danielle in Milan (Season 8)

    The Wine Toss in Mexico (Season 9)

    The Ponytail Fight (Season 10)

    These women (and their husbands) are absolutely bananas.
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  20. First of all this is amazing...secondly I had forgotten about Gia Casey almost being part of the cast. Did we ever find out who the others were supposed to be? I would assume maybe one of them was going to be Jennifer Dalton. I mean they at least could have added Dolores since she was always around so that there was something different. I'm scared Jersey is going to repeat itself if a new full time and friend aren't added to the cast. I read a rumor there was a newbie but then Covid happened before anything could be found out about her (if it's true.) I'm glad filming has stopped if for no other reason than Teresa and Joe getting to mourn their father without the cameras around.
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