The Real Housewives of New Jersey

I have no idea what they’ll do next. Teresa is quickly entering Nene territory and I don’t think it’s impossible to imagine Bravo letting her go. Likely? No, but possible.

While Teresa is obviously the OG, I think people underestimate Melissa and Joe’s place on the show. They’ve been on for over a decade and Joe plays a central role in the show featuring the husbands in their own scenes. Like it or not, Jersey was built on family dynamics and I don’t think they’ll ever fully move away from that. My best guess is that producers would like to have Teresa and Melissa back, but they need a cooling off period to see if that’s even possible.

Teresa would probably threaten to leave if they try to have them both back, but I don’t think she’d actually do it. Louie lives for the fame and like most notorious Housewives, Teresa is nothing without the show.
13th seasons seem to be cursed for Housewives. RHOC 13 was a boring flop until Vicki called Kelly a coked-out absentee mother at the reunion. RHOA 13 was only saved by Bolo and his thang. RHONY 13... And now this flop of a season from Jersey. And we can't really count on RHOBH to buck the trend ddd.
I'm sorry girlies but I just don't see Louis being Teresa's downfall, as weird as he is. Yes, it would be iconic if something went down and they had their comeuppance but I don't necessarily think Louis is anything other than an insecure (maybe abusive?) loser. Then again, so is Teresa dddd

At worst, I can see Teresa divorcing him and subjecting us to an entire season of the aftermath of that.
Wow that was a boring episode, I skipped the actual wedding part.

They show needs to get rid of Teresa and reboot.

Jennifer Fessler has been the best part of this season.
You know what was missing this season?

If they’re going to continue down this path of same ole same ole, give Kim D a tomato.

But honestly, it’s crazy we’re seeing reboots everywhere except here. I am so damn tired of this story. They have to change the dynamics and cast stars. I don’t mean celebrities, I mean housewives who really have the potential to break out. This show is too unbalanced with every season always centered around Teresa.

It’s watchable, but I’m tired. I could never be a Jersey stan in the modern era.
Melissa and Teresa were both losers in that episode. They both made points but Melissa was really dumb by saying she’s never made comments about Teresa’s kids and of course the storyline comment.

Melissa and Marge really think they’re so strong by reminding Teresa she went to jail. It’s so funny to me!