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The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Let's remember they hid most of the Jackie vs Tre stuff in the main trailer, I have hope they have many surprises left up their sleeve.
    Anyone else expecting an RHOSLC 13 part series, 3 part reunion?

    (I'd like a 2 part reunion, and a 1 part Husbands only reunion tbh)
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  2. Sorry girls but Teresa won again. All of Jackie's allies being mostly worried about her breaking down and crying and her desperately trying to convince them that she was fine was not a victory lap.

    Teresa got in the one genuinely funny dig about the dildo fitting up her ass Hdjdjfjfjfjjfjdjfj.
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  3. I am so taken out by Jackie’s delivery of her low blows. “I heard that Gia does coke in the bathroom at parties” and “Did you get that confidence in jail?” have been living completely rent-free in my head 24/7
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  4. That trailer looks fine but definitely not what Jersey is capable of.
  5. Joe saying Ex-Joe put Tre in jail, when we all know she put herself there
  6. Jackie really had me on her side, even randomly attacking Marge & her man.... until she had a breakdown and became that fragile mess everyone said she was.

    J.Ay remains an absolute treasure.

    Another 10/10 episode. I don’t think there’s any way that trailer will do this season justice.
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  7. Frank Senior definitely smells of Joop.
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  8. Still would
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  9. That episode was WILD. Jen Vs Marge, Jackie Vs Marge, Jackie Vs Teresa, Melissa Vs Teresa. I struggled to keep up.
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  10. A delightfully chaotic and messy episode, the Jersey girls keep bringing it!

    Thankfully, it seems like the Evan cheating storyline has been put to bed for now.
  11. What a chaotic, fabulous episode. This is classic Jersey!

    (Bonus points for the editors finding I believe the 4th excuse this season to play the Joe Giudice "Here comes my ***** wife" flashback)

    Jennifer Aydin is absolute trash, but I really can't help but cringe stan someone who has allegiances with NO ONE and will trash talk them all.
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  12. Ddd it makes me scream how they will trot it out at any opportunity!
  13. Melissa needs to properly pop off, I saw the sparkle, she really can't stomach Teresa (as everyone else). Shout out to Frank Senior, that angelic beast just keeping it calm.
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  14. It's almost EVERY week! This and the "where is your income ROACH?" tweet on Potomac are up there in terms of appearances.
  15. I'm so Team Jennifer these days. She gives me early Dorit vibes in the best way, from starting shit with ease to being slightly delusional to having her own funny quirks and viewpoints on things.
  16. I can hear this, maybe Dolores' best moment
  17. The way Melissa started picking up the cheese ten seconds after flipping the plate.
  18. Crazy how even the NJ husbands are more engaging and entertaining than the entire cast of BH.
  19. Melissa after going the extra mile with flipping the cheese board and shouting at Teresa:

  20. It was so staged, like she threw shit in every direction but Teresa's, even though she was like a meter away. An actress.

    I'm very thankful for shirtless Evan scenes.
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