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The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. When she started picking up the food like three minutes after she threw it all over the place djfjdkd
    Still, it was a great episode! Evan is so fucking hot.
  2. Here comes my b**ch wife is ICONIC!
  3. The way Bravo won’t let the footage and mic-ed moment caught on tape go...


  4. Poor Jackie just doesn't have the backbone for the show. Must be the fabric!
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  5. She's such a conundrum. She dishes like the best of them but falls as fast as a Gina Liano branded house of cards.
  6. The Giudice girls are SERVING.

  7. I miss when Milania was a little problem child. Truly an icon.

    There's the scene when Teresa comes back in....S6? S7? and she's hootin' and hollerin' at the paparazzi in their front yard and Gia is shit talking her, and she screams from the top of the stairs for her and Joe to shut up! It's so loud and funny, Gia rolls her eyes as if she expected it to happen. That kind of sibling bond is so relatable.
  8. "She thinks your a bad person, prove her wrong!"

    Teresa is a bad person, and that's why we enjoy her.

    Also Teresa not wanting to apologise to Evan, as he's a man, but she's been spreading rumours about him, so it's not that old "women's business" as many housewives like to go on about.
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  9. Teresa's boyfriend being a scientologist.

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  10. Wait - really!? A Scientologist with a previous assault charge... Tre, please.

    This storyline potential though...
  11. I’m assuming ya’ll are aware Gia’s birthday song went viral on Tik Tok and Twitter over the last few weeks? It just doesn’t die ddd. The good sis cuntney getting a viral tweet out of it.
  12. Double post but I’m yelling reading through the top comments on Gia’s IG posts. “Waking up in the morning, thinkin bout so many things” is on every. single. post. Even the one that’s a dedication to her dead grandfather, I can’t!!
  13. Sorry but I stan Melissa Gorga.
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  14. Milania is the original bop, though.

  15. My fav lyric outwith the counting of the age: “you have such muscular leeegs when you dooo gymnastics”

    Hand her the Grammy NOW!
  16. Nono felt so dark-sided, I'll be skipping his memorial scenes next week.
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  17. This fake Melissa and Joe storyline I can’t. Stop ruining the momentum!
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  18. Melissa and Joe get together every series to write a synopsis of their storyline like...

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  19. I loved Nono ever since he put that live octopus in a gigantic boiling pot at 6 a.m. in the morning.
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  20. This scene keeps playing in my head now.. I'm convinced it was used in a flashback in recent seasons as well. We need to find it again.

    I also remember young Milania pole dancing on a party bus and asking her parents "am I aunt Melissa???" kii.
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