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The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Milania really is an honorary Housewife.
  2. Hahahahaa omg I forgot about this.
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  3. This week's episode was the first weak point of the season. I will say, I still love the dynamic of these women & their husbands, but I never need an entire hour of Gorga nonsense - and the memorial ceremony was as snoozy as expected.
  4. Milania is a little THUG. This constantly replayed moment in Season 4 always makes me howl.


    Talking of thugs, Dolores’ tagline genuinely frightens me every time I hear it, I swear, I get a chill.

    “Don’t you DARE call me gullible!”
  5. Complete bore of an episode. Melissa Snorega and Mini Me couldn’t act their way out of a piss soaked, half torn paper bag. Get us back to Marge showing what an ass she is.
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  6. While I love this cast and think it’s perfect, this city could really benefit from a couple of wild-card Friend Ofs a la Marlo and Shamea. I’d love to see a friend of Jen’s join to help her lash MeGo, Tre and Marge.
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  7. I fear this is the start of the Gorga’s season of fakery and tomfoolery. Someone quickly accuse Milania of smoking meth to save the season.
  8. I believe they had this with the introduction of Michelle but she has been edited out a lot which Jersey tends to do for some reason
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  9. Ok, still obsessed with the season. Also really into seeing what storyline the Gorgas will fabricate each year, so watching Joe Gorga perform a rehearsed soliloquy while sitting on the rocking chair on the porch was a treat.

    Also, for a half second when Gia walked up to the front of the crowd at Nonno's memorial I was convinced that we were about to hear "waking up in the morning..."
  10. Can't decide if I want to lick Joey Gorga or Evan's tiddies more.
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