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The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. The fact that Jacqueline either is meek and a bit of a doormat or absolutely raging and ready to go the jugular is quite fascinating, I loved her feud with Teresa
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  2. I've been wanting to watch New Jersey for years and after some convincing from one of my friends, I've finally started it. I can already tell Danielle is a menace to society on episode 1 so I'm ready for some tables to be flipped.
  3. Melissa's old faces still make me scream. I WASN'T CALLIN' YOU A RACCOON FACE!! I WAS TALKIN' ABOUT KATHY! *cut to Kathy*
  4. Jacqueline is one of the worst people to ever appear on the show. She's a toddler who inexplicably enjoyed years of audience support despite being awful to not only her own daughter, but to Teresa's daughters as well. She easily has a place as one of my ten least favorite housewives of all time just above Caroline and Kathy (who is dead last). The show is way better for having moved beyond the Manzos and I hope they never return.

    Unless Caroline or her husband goes to jail, then get cameras on them immediately.
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  5. Between Jacqueline's husbands gun closet, Teresa and Joe being horrible parents to Gia, Caroline strong arming and gaslighting every breating creature around her, i am quite sure we are meant to emphatise with Danielle nn.

    Poor Dina, i would not want to be stuck in that family.
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  6. The Teresa of those first episodes compared to her after the table rattle (it's not a flip like everyone says) and in the reunion, is like chalk and cheese.
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  8. It was perfect comedy, timing et all, the way Kathy reacted... a classic!
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  9. Girls we began our journey into Season 8 this week and it's already so chaotic, now I know what y'all meant with this stretch.

    Danielle arriving to brunch glowing, immediately being the mouthpiece for Kim D's scandal, the yoga, the tinge of pure evil that seeps into her confessionals, "don't you dare every say the word trash in my presence AGAIN!!"...this woman is one of the most compelling individuals I've ever seen on TV.

    Siggy was fun in Season 7 but I'm so ready for the full unraveling. Being so caught up on that fucking cake feels random but Melissa called her right out for having the Jersey Siggy and the Cabo Siggy. Melissa has just continued to flourish since the feud with Teresa finally ended: "are these all the different personalities?" to the collage of pictures of Siggy at the entrance was a scream.

    Lastly, Margaret already seems like a great addition. From the beautiful memorial for Teresa's mom to her immediately getting to Siggy with the "Soggy" comment, all with those stupid pigtails...we may have to stan on this one.
  10. Let's face it, Ashley was no angel. She put Jacqueline + Chris through the ringer. Shipping her off to LA was probably the best thing they could have done for her. I don't think we could have asked for better housewife material than Jacqueline.

    Her feud with Teresa and the two of them going at it like lunatics at every event... ICONIC.

    Going straight after Melissa in her final season... ICONIC.

    Punching Caroline in the face once upon a time... ICONIC.

    We have no choice but to stan.

  11. Yeah, she may be garbage but Jacqueline is Top Tier Jersey for me. She is my favorite of the whole series that isn't currently on the cast (i.e. behind Jennifer, Jackie, Dolores, Melissa, Margaret but above Teresa who I truly despise ddd).
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  12. “Shipping her off to LA was probably the best thing they could have done for her”

    They didn’t do it for her though. Ashley was the one begging to go out there but Jacqueline and Chris kept undercutting her and telling her that she’d fail if she moved out there by herself. That Ashley succeeded once she got out of there and away from her gross mother is to Ashley’s credit and Ashley’s credit only.

    Jacqueline would have much rather kept Ashley around so that she could have crying meltdowns on camera any time Ashley didn’t respond well to being talked at like a toddler.
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  13. I'm still not over Dolores being completely fun, stannable, and sympathetic this last season. The growth!!
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  14. I absolutely loathed Jacqueline outside of her first season.

  15. She is so obviously two faced and borderline abusive against Ashley. And she has not even brought good one liners neither.. Like why am i watching you, lady?
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  16. She really is someone who should've just stayed away after her initial run, but I guess they needed the check due to Chris's failing business. Season 7 was solid but it was also a fucking mess with Jacqueline appearing like a fish out of water with the new cast configuration, zero allies and thirsty for storylines. Her getting right up in Melissa's face randomly at dinner wasn't even satisfying because there was no back and forth, it was just Jacqueline flying off the handle over Melissa not immediately supporting her.

    I'm not sure how much credence there is to it but when I found out Jacqueline was apparently the driving wedge between Chris and Dina's relationship it made a lot of sense.
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  17. Jacqueline's return was so entertaining y'all I cannot agree. "Is bitch better?" "FELON!!"
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  18. The Jacqueline shade in this thread... ya'll don't know good housewife material when it's right in front of you.
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  19. I hate Jacqueline and her whole family! Smells like old milk to me.
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  20. I'm on Season 2 and Danielle throwing a brunch to celebrate her daughter just to spend the entire time dragging the other girls???? Her calling out Kim G for being friends with Caroline and calling her a "slave" in her confessional????????? And this is after she seriously contemplated crashing Caroline's party just to fight with her???????????????????

    I know this isn't even the apex of what she pulls this season but WHERE is her Emmy?
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