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The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. “Yeah i saw the house you lived in Theresa before you moved into the mansion”

    is a legendary quote.
  2. NOT Danielle bringing a GANG to the charity event

    I knew she was a mess but what the fuck is wrong with her ljkghnbdjfgh
  3. Season 2 is absolute madness, the fact that 4 ladies gave us one of the best reunions... S13RHONY wishes!
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  4. Ddd time has absolutely vindicated Danielle in this decision, the Manzos are scary.
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  5. A couple of weeks back I asked for classic New York episodes to watch while high, but I ended up watching New Jersey season 2. It is just SO good and chaotic. Peak reality television.
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  6. Yes Dina was amazing even she quit mid season. Teresa and Danielle are great reality tv and Caroline is repulsive but remained good watch. That is a cast!
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  7. Duchess Danielle Staub >>
  8. Caroline feeling her godfather fantasy throughout season 2 was a scream as well, I didn't mind Caroline as a cast member (even though the whole situation with Dina... eeeek), but it was so hilarious seeing that last sitdown with Danielle
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  9. Without Danielle, New Jersey wouldn’t be as entertaining as it was from the get. She was the blueprint/catalyst/villain for season one and two.
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  10. We watched the Public Humiliation of Melissa Gorga last night.

    Season 8 must be considered an all time great yes?
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  11. Is this Siggy laying on the floor? S8 really is fantastic, the Marge years are non-stop brilliance for me.
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  13. Yes!

    I'm also fully prepared to laminate for Margaret after just six episodes.
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  14. "He wæs a HisToricĀl figure!!!"
    Lives rent free in my head from Season 8
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  15. One at a time!!


    fhadhsshd Teresa is so good.
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  17. I need to do NJ Seasons 3-5
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  18. PIECE





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  19. I fucking can not stand Caroline. Like girl, go home and continue watching mafia movies.
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