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The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Danielle being able to turn Teresa into a deranged version of The Incredible Hulk with just a question, maybe the best villain of all the Housewives series?
  2. Caroline was definitely too pompous and holier than thou, but she was perhaps the one housewife that really stood her ground with Teresa and called out her bullshit, Jac did as well, but she was always too volatile
  3. I'm not a big fan of her, but the voice Teresa uses when mocking people is rabid and amazing.
  4. Danielle is the best housewives villain of all time. Mostly because she is legitimately terrifying and I had every belief she would kill her co-stars.
  5. The noise Teresa makes when Danielle throws the glasses in Milan is stuck in my head like tinnitus.
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  6. Also Danielle bringing Kim D and Kim G... two of the messiest friend ofs ever.

    I lowkey quite like Kim D, her WWC appearance really surprised me, she understand the assignment.
  7. Season 2 100% feels like a slasher film following the killer's perspective.
  8. True, I mean Teresa reenacting the chasing scene from Texas Chainsaw Massacre at the country club... Season 2 does suffer slightly with the fact that the divide between Danielle and the ladies was so tense they met like three times, but it's absolutely deranged whenever they met and the season 2 reunion is a classic, it does fall behind the season 4 one, which is EPIC, Rosie screaming backstage that she is about to kill Teresa lives rent free in my mind.
  9. Season 2 is maybe the weirdest early season of Housewives I've seen but now witnessing Danielle Staub: Roman Reloaded Season 2 feels even more essential.
  10. Ashley screaming "LOVE AND LIGHT BITCH!!!" while she was tugging Danielle's wig... i am sure Jacqueline stayed for another season because of that.

  11. Teresa: “Who’s yelling?”
    Kathy: “You know who’s yelling!”

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  12. We've officially reached Season 9 and the way Danielle couldn't keep her codependency fueled chaos from Margaret for even one episode of their friendship arc is such a scream.
  13. I love Danielle's reign of terror all throughout her wedding "<3."
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  14. The girls are all filming new intros today.

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  15. Teresa is unhinged at season 3 reunion. Not gonna lie, i live for the gaggery of her continuous terrorising of Carolyn and Melissa. Can not wait for season 4
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    lmaaoo * Kenya voice* it hurts me to watch her be so... dumb
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  17. She must have impressed if she infiltrated that cast.
  18. Apparently her past is MESSY; so even that will be a good avenue for conversations which are sure to get certain HWs heated
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  19. I'm still making my way through Season 2 and Kim G pioneered the "Friend of" role, right? She's being an absolute MENACE. The scene where she's talking with Jacqueline about Danielle, with the producers inserting clips where she's telling Danielle to have Ashley arrested, is taking me out.
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