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The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. The Kims deserved their own show.
  2. Kim D should've been a housewife. I high key stanned 10 years ago when she was featured as a friend. So evil and calculating.. the true spiritual successor to Danielle Staub.
  3. Not to mention she took on the whole entire cast at once on season 8!
  4. CLINK CLINK bitch!
  5. I'm not even sure if this is underrated but my favorite little moment with Kim D is when Joe Gorga is yelling at her outside in Season 5 (?) and she pipes up in that smoker's rasp with "I play with the big dogs!!!1!"
    Because I felt like it.
    Too bad.
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  7. We finally made it to "Yeah monkey's asshole! That you fucking sucked...probably!"

    Between Danielle swindling her way into a televised wedding, Jennifer's Taj Mahal, and Jackie immediately being thirsty for her Season 10 contract with the combo of her Teresa conflict and article about Jennifer plus her thirst trap of a husband, Season 9 has been phenomenal.
  8. What Jackie says about Teresa isn't at all bad, and it was high time someone other than Kim D dragged her for being a fraud
  9. Jackie had a strong first season but absolutely destroys Terry at the reunion. Cemented her as an all time fav from that moment on.
  10. Nn is it unpopular to say I still really like Teresa as a housewife or?
  11. She's SO dumb but I have a soft spot for her. She really makes me laugh.
  12. I'd say unpopular here but in general she is one of the most beloved. I hate her but have never wanted her fired thus far. Ramona is a similar one.
  13. When one of her daughters asked if Jamaica was in the US and she replied with "No!...wait, is it?"
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  14. Teresa, Erika, Jen, Crooks. Clink Clink to all.

    It's high time NJ took a slight step away from Teresa no matter how much she's loved, and I'm hoping a bigger cast allows that.

    S10 ending with that half an episode where she goes to see Joe, was absolutely dreadful. I mean, who gives a shit about that.
    I enjoyed her last year though.
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  15. THE HAIR PULL. I knew it was coming inevitably but I hadn't seen the scene or context so when it arrived I just...

    Danielle looking legitimately unhinged with that gleeful smile when she did it was so damn unnerving and the other women acting like Teresa was insane for pointing out how Margaret dumped a glass of water on Danielle beforehand was a perfect example of how this cast of Jersey is perfect.

    Danielle strutting off drenched and rambling about how much she hates Margaret before facetiming Marty to fully turn him against her is queen shit. She may be the most chaotic woman I've ever seen on reality TV.
  16. She said "Watch your back" that's old school stripper fightin' that's what that is.
  17. That and "Yeah it's hers" when Danielle first holds up Marge's purse... Dolores knows how to give us live commentary
  18. On season 4 and holy fuck, Jacqueline and Caroline were horrible to Gia in episode 5 where they play games and Gia cries because she caught the other team cheating. They are such scumbags, she is a 10 years old, just get a grip.
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  19. What is happening on season 4? Is Teresa being set up or is she trying to set up Melissa? I am confused.
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  20. I'm fully invested in the narrative that Teresa was set up but I don't know if that's popular opinion.
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