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The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. That is what i got with how Jacqueline inserts herself right in the middle of it. Also, as soon as Teresa sees the man, she is slowly realizing that she is gonna take the fall for bringing him up to the event (because she was the only one who knew him prior) and Melissa will look like an underdog. And i think that is why she confronts Melissa at the bathroom.

    I am so sick of the Gorga vs Giudice storyline.
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  2. You all know good and well they were both desperately trying to set EACH OTHER up! Both of them would sell their first born for fame and success.
  3. Nn good luck with Season 5 sis!

    It's all worth it for Season 7 onward though. I'm at the Season 10 reunion and I think we started Season 7 three weeks ago?
  4. There's certainly a credible argument to be made that Teresa is actually too dumb to do any sort of long-term plotting or planning, which exonerates her of a lot of accusations on the show to me.
  5. What really cinched strippergate for me was Melissa's phone call to her husband and he just happened to be next door? And could get there so quickly?

    Melissa also wasn't nearly as strong of a...performer at the time.

  6. I have started season 5. I already heard it is all times low along with season 6 so i'm ready to get skipping.

    I miss Beverly though. I think she would be a good free agent in these clan wars.
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  7. Danielle is actually a legend like. You don't understand.

    And, yes, we deserve(d) more Kim D. Imagine a standoff between her and Beverly. Wiggy.
  8. When Melissa confronted Danielle about literally yanking Margaret's head back and all Danielle did was barely shrug...I got chills.
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  9. Danielle must have been a nightmare (and she came for Andrew more than once oops) because Bravo should have done everything in their power to keep her around.
  10. Not Lauren thinking she is doing something by asking Teresa to spell "napalm" only to spell it wrong herself.. I am glad Teresa won over Caroline in the end.
  11. I am pretty sure she spelled it wrong intentionally to prove a point?
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  12. The way Teresa just decided to tank my goodwill towards her in the first episode of Season 11...

    Let's see how this one plays out nn.
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  13. I’m rewatching and I totally skipped seasons 4 to 6 (and some episodes in 3 as well). A season based only on family drama is boring AF. And that’s what they were giving for those. I agree with 6 being hell to watch, I only watched it once and as background noise. 7 definitely picks up but still drags a bit. Then Danielle comes back and order is reinstated.
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  14. "Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt..."
    Is iconic though as she scuttles out of Marg's
  15. I think i like Jacqueline on season 5. She comes as a lot more light and playful on her confessionals thank god.
  16. Did Melissa just run all the way to put a cap on his husbands head? ff maybe i have to stan
  17. Jennifer at Teresa's pool party in Season 11...

    I'm so fucking glad they found this woman.
  18. So... apparently this has been delayed and won't be premiering this year like was previously reported. The plan is to have OC return in December with Jersey following in the new year.
  19. "Some people think i'm too much!

    And they are absolutely right!!!

    took me out.

    The less i said about season 6 is the better.
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  20. And it's all sat there filmed and waiting for us....
    Though with Atlanta starting even later next year probably, they need some steady ratings for Q1/2 I suppose.
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