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The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Oh I thought they were all quite fun. Definitely better than the mess we got from SLC dddd.

    I'm ready for the Melissa show to return to my tv screen again!
  2. I love how Melissa insults everyone in New Jersey with her line. Very brave!
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  3. Mother Jennifer really served us fags the best tagline in the history of the show. I can’t even believe it’s real fjdjdj
  4. Fffff even Melegend hates hers.

  5. Will we finally get to see Frankie's dicque this season?
  6. I'm nearly finished Season 6. Whilst Amber & Jim are awful and I'm looking forward to moving on from them, I prefer Season 6 over Season 5?
  7. Same, easily.
  8. The first 8 minutes of the premiere episode are out. ( Frankie jr. features.)

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  9. I'm ready to be a full on CaStania this season. Dolores had her best-ever season last year, and I'm looking forward to what she pulls out now. She seems much more comfortable on the show.
  10. I’m watching season 7 (?) - Soggy’s first season. So glad for the different energy of these ladies after all the family dynamics of the last few seasons. I thought I would love Melissa Gorga but I DO NOT LIKE HER and I fast forward every scene with her and Joe Gorga at home. Jacqueline is serving such intense unhinged maniacal energy.
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  11. Jacqueline's return is so iconic because she was relatively sane and grounded in those earlier seasons (perhaps in contrast to Terry vs. Melissa, Boraline and Danielle) but truly amped it up in season 7. Her shrieking as she storms out of the restaurant is so good. Coming for Melegend Gorgeous' nose job as if she wasn't extremely knife happy is such a scream.
  12. Melissa deserved everything she got from Jacqueline in S7. I can't help but enjoy Jacqueline and wish her back...
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  13. I think Jennifer eats Melissa up and way better than Jacqueline.

  14. Teresa thinking that Jen Shah is from Shahs of Sunset….I can’t.
  15. Tonight

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  16. Little Gabbisters put your hands UP!
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  17. Scumbags Unite!!!
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  18. It's Olivia we stan, flop fan!!

    I've just watch a preview for the episode and.. whoever did Jen's nose needs their plastic surgery licence terminated, STAT.
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  19. Who the hell's Olivia
  20. She posted about her nose.
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