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The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. The husbands being so involved was cute for a minute but I’m going to need Bravo to remember that this is Real Housewives. At this point it’s time to give the men their own spin-off that nobody will watch or get them out of my face.
  2. I say give them their own show and keep their shit off the main show (exceptions made for Frank Sr nude scenes).
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  5. I still really enjoy the Jersey husbands scenes. But it absolutely does not work in any other city.
  6. That's the fucking truth. The worst part of this is that Bravo thinks this is a universal feature that all audiences love. No one needs to see Lisa Barlow and Whitney Rose's dead-eyed husbands in a scene without the women!
  7. The only husbands I ever loved were on Atlanta cause they were actually messy & funny.
  8. Gregg aside, I always found the ATL men to be vile and slyly homophobic when they could get away with it. Peter specifically.
  9. Heterosexual male characters? Loving them?

    Couldn't be me!
  10. I like the NY husbands the most.

    Because there aren’t any!
  11. upload_2022-7-1_16-4-10.jpeg
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  12. You're welcome
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  14. The ~word on the street~ is that Jackie may end up being full time again because she’s bringing so much drama this season. Teresa lost!
  15. And most importantly, we won!
  16. Twitter update accounts lost x

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  18. Rise up little Scumbags, Paterson Dolores is back!
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  19. I need Jackie back with FT status just to see the Tre stans react on Twitter.
  20. That all sounds ideal.
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