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The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. What I don’t need from any RHONJ ever is some “glam” girl who is obsessed with designer ala Erika, Dorit etc. It would ruin the iconic dynamic.
  2. Hmm, sounds like someone’s got a little bit of ENVY

  3. I guess some girls are born fat, and the rest are born Jersey!
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  4. I know people don’t like Melissa and Joe but this along with Dina not attending are big red flags.
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  5. A tense fight between the Gorgas and Teresa during a season finale of RHONJ? Is there any sort of historical precedent for that? What a totally unexpected development!
  6. Double post but yas at Jennifer securing that screen time in Teresa’s spin-off. Booked and busy!
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  7. Messy.

  8. Everything is pointing to Tre and Jen redemption arcs this season with a Melissa villain edit, loving that concept.

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  9. So all the rumours about Dolores not getting on with Teresa were all about nothing? Boot!
  10. I agree. Melissa is Melissa, but the Dina news is shocking when you consider how close they were. Whatever happened had to be bad. If the rumors of it being a bad business deal between Dina's husband and Louis are true, I'm finally gonna start side eyeing Luis. I've given him the benefit of the doubt and he does *seem* nice, but it's worrying she'd give up such a long term friendship over him.
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  11. I personally don’t think it’s that serious. I genuinely just think Dina was swapped for Dolores after the wedding spin-off was confirmed and they needed more characters from the OG show on it. That or Dina didn’t want to film.
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  12. Teresa getting herself into another messy marriage. The stupidity is on brand at least.


  13. Another doozy of a season incoming!! Let's hope Bravo bins the Gorgas after season 13.
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  14. Melegend, here’s your chance! Bring back the dream team and take down Teresa for good!
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  15. Teresa being convinced that Caroline common sense in that talking head equalled her ratting her out to the feds... truly the dumbest housewife.

    Melissa Gorgeous bringing the drama! She did ate Teresa up at the last reunion.
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  16. Please keep the Manzos and also Melissa's old faces away from eyeballs forever!! Thank you.
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  17. Okay but imagine Duchess Staub, Chucky Manzo, Raccoon Face and Whacko Jacko storming the wedding with Melissa like a busted-up Sex And The City to pop the L0Ve bUBbLe...
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  18. Sorry I should have posted tw \\ jump scare!
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  19. Me preparing for another season of y'all stanning Pick Me-lissa Gorga

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