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The Real Housewives of New York: A Celebration of Life.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. I think the reunion could have been explosive if, as someone mentioned previously, they broke the fourth wall and discussed why the season was so poorly received.
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  2. I'm disappointed but not surprised.

    Please fire Leah @BravoBravoFuckingBravo.
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  3. the accuracy dd
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  4. I know it sounds dramatic but I am in actual shock that the crown jewel of the housewives franchise is this in the gutter. It's something I never, ever would have predicted.
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  5. Well maybe they shouldn't have fired their best cast member and brought on a flop!
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  6. I will accept nothing less than Bethenny, Dorinda, and Tinsley returning.
  7. Throw Carole in as a surprise and see Bethenny lose it. I’ll accept Tinsley because it means more Dale.
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  8. I now believe that bringing Kelly back should be considered. Her and Ramona could have real estate parties and Bethenny could be furious about it and it would be fun.
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  9. Worrying and a sad state the show has become to quickly. Alas, with confirmation there is no reunion I also fear a very heavy retooling of the show if not outright cancellation. Given the circumstances now and while I honestly liked all the cast as, I'd suggest some aggressive recasting without throwing away the entire show legacy.

    NEW HOUSEWIVE (make it someone known and notorious)

    Friends Of - Sonja, Eboni, Elyse

    I feel Bethenny and Dorinda can reposition the dynamics as quite the firm power couple. We need a PR event to some degree so bring in Jill at last and top it off with a new Housewive that is known for some extra punch. Eboni will just need to go, we can't have the show go off for another year in the direction it was dragged but she'd be a nice FoH.

    Sonja can function fine as a FoH, there's nothing else she can bring that we haven't got a million times before.
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  10. I disagree about Sonja being a Friend Of. She’s the heart of the show. Messy? Yes. But she softens Ramona and looks better when Ramona can’t be softened. I think Luann is the one who needs to be thrown back to the Friend Of status.
    Is Ramona pulling double duties as both a Housewife AND Friend Of?
  11. Keeping the old guard and slinging out the black woman when the racial attitudes of those white characters is possibly one of the many reasons we haven't a reunion...
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  12. I know this thread doesn’t particularly care for Eboni on the whole and she has her own weird optics, but anyone thinking the way this series will be saved is by simply getting rid of her (and Leah) but keeping RamoNO (and honestly, Sonja too) well … it’s crack that you smoke.
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  13. I’m currently on season 10 and I’m intrigued to see how it goes so bad. Does the quality remain high throughout seasons 11 and 12?
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  14. The problem with these arguments is that Eboni 1) coddled the most racist castmate, 2) introduced a Zionist nutjob under the guise of unity/social justice, and 3) iced out the only other Black castmate.
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  15. I think Sonja should stay over Ramona and Luann... Yes, she's a mess but I think she's more grounded in areas where those two aren't. I think Bershan could have been a great Housewife but she was sort of left out by others.
    I think Season 11 and 12 are good. They aren't Season 7-10 level, which I like to think as some of the best Housewives seasons ever... but they are great compared to season 13.
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  16. Good to know! Hopefully whatever the issues with season 13 they can pull it back, RHONY hasn’t had a bad season yet to me, aside from perhaps the first for me as it was when they focused more on the families.

    Also if anyone has suggestions of the next series to watch that’s appreciated, I’m already up to date with RHOBH and RHOSLC…
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  17. There's a slight dip but it's nothing compared to the nosedive that is Season 13.
    It really is astounding how it got so bad so fast.
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  18. Whoops, sorry that was supposed to be Eboni as a FoH. I'd quite like her back in some form.
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