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The Real Housewives of New York: A Celebration of Life.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

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  3. TOP THREE ICONIQUE RAMONA MOMENTS (there are more but for now, let's go with these 3):

    I would've included the one where Ramona had a fight with Dorinda at John's party and marked the first time we met Rey (LuAnn's stalker, allegedly) - but I can't find that clip.
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  4. The Berkshires/mention it all fight is so iconic because Ramona can literally not focus on what she is angry about. "I. DRINK. WINE".
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  5. I can't decide if Ramona's horrific arguments or her horrific apologies are what I love most about her?

    Her whisperpology to Bethenny in season 9 is amazing ("I'm sorry....Bethenny I'm SAWWRY.") as is her attempt to connect with her *~authentically~* ("Do you ever, to you girlfriends about, like.....the BAD stuff???")
  6. I mean

    Introduced me to the franchise

    ''What is the face you're making? Are you dressed up for halloween''

    I love how in the 'WOW bethenny' argument, the look in Ramona's eyes suggests she was about to kill her and Bethenny just said 'yes' unphased, ART.
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  7. Kelly’s been in this thing for nine episodes now, she has her (?) kids on her intro and cutaways, yet we are yet to see them...

    Keep the kids out the limelight, but let people know you are a caring strong compassionate Mother of a woman who dates fit men on the side...

    A legend.

    (EDIT and then they appear)
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  8. As your gracious host, please enjoy some of the most painful/most amazing taglines that have ever existed, courtesy of season 6:

    Never forget when they edited Aviva out of the intro/apple-holding halfway through the season.
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  9. Edu



    A lesson on how to be so lame and iconic at the same time, taught by Heather Thomson.
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  10. This is truly the best season of taglines. Every line is so funny and on brand for every one of them, I just can't stop laughing every time hearing them.
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  11. I hate carole’s Ass one with a passion
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  12. Iconic. Long live Sonja Morgan.
  13. Omg so I’ve just finished episode 12 of season 3 (scary island) for the very first time and has finally clicked with me. I can’t believe how insane that was and I don’t even know where to begin.

    I will say that I didn’t expect Kelly to turn out the way she did. Having only started my NY watch from season 3, I didn’t have a lot of backstory going into it but she seemed like she would be a filler housewife but my god was I wrong. The way she was carrying on at dinner was scary and as it started to get out of control, LEGEND Sonja saves the day.

    I am finally understanding why you guys love NY so much. Considering season 8 of BH just premiered and my expectation going into it was really high, I’d say I’m glad I watched that before I saw NY S3E12.

  14. Glad you are getting your life! Welcome aboard the Ramonacoaster.

    Fun fact: They did a 100th episode special following season 7 where they interviewed all of the former housewives (except for Jill, who iconically refused to film for it) and "scary island" came up. Bethenny said that it was actually way worse than what they showed, and the producers were kind to Kelly for what they didn't include. Others have said she was way more aggressive and bullying. There allegations that it was substance abuse, but nonetheless, something was very awry.

    Nonetheless, the "uncut" Scary Island is a fascinating prospect.
  15. A shame Luann had not a tagline that year.

  16. No offense but why do people skip season 1? It's like 8 episodes and you can multitask if it's that boring.
  17. It's like watching a different tv show. Everything is at odds with the slick production of later years. It's difficult to enjoy, at times.
  18. For me, it's because of some of what @Kirkland said and also that it doesn't feel "dynamic" at all. It all feels like mismatched pieces edited together. Now, we have over a decade of (most of) these relationships that have formed. Out of all of the "Housewives" franchises, why I love New York is that they feel the most natural - their interactions seem GENUINELY insane and out of years of spite, resentment, but also (at times) love and respect. It's like watching a family of crazy aunts.
  19. New York has never had a bad cast. I know people don't care for Cindy or Jules, but I was never bored watching them amongst the other Housewives. New York rules.
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  20. 100%. Even their duds would be middle of the pack in most other cities' group. Kristin is probably my least favorite, but her, Cindy, and Jules each had a certain endearing quality that made them redeemable unlike say Peggy S, Lydia, Kim Fields, or Kathryn of OJ.

    Also shoutout to the morally corrupt Faye Resnick making an appearance in the premiere!
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