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The Real Housewives of New York City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Carole really went for the kill, such a worthy opponent

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  2. She ran a marathon.
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  3. Carole is the ONLY girl in NY that can go head to head with Bethenny.

    No matter how they want to edit the show in B's favour, it's very evident that Carole came out of that entire final season of hers gracefully (TO ME!). She never once went below the belt like B did, until the reunion or in that blog. She kept it classy most of the time.

    I used to think she should be back and I did miss her but go out on a high I say (even if she might've been fired) and make sure you call bullshit on your boss when he/she is playing favorites on your way out!

  4. Yeah the way Bethenny tried to discredit Carole's career in the reunion was just uncomfortable to watch and plain nasty, it wasn't even entertaining.
  5. This was Bethenny all through season 10 for me. It was so grating. Her anxiety attacks had me howling rather than feeling any sympathy because she had just made herself so unlikeable. Sis was trying SO hard to make storylines, and she was just plain nasty. Now - YES, all of the women (bar maybe Carole and Tinsley) are nasty, but the difference is that Ramona, Dorinda and Sonja are hysterical in the process. Bethenny was just annoying. I'm hoping she's a bit less awful in season 11.

    Also, I forgot to mention that I literally died @ all of the women getting the shits at the end of their trip. Grown women shitting the bed, leaving stains on the floor, and wearing diapers to the airport?! I can't not stan.
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  6. Why did I read that is "I can't not stain"?!
  7. Finally finished season 4 and

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  8. I hate her weird S&M dress that ruined Sonja's party.
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  9. She's one of my faves, ddd, albeit season 4 was not a good look for her after season 3
  10. Awww I love Alex and Simon. Remember when they tried to ruin the Sonja Pride Parade?
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  11. What was that all about? Why would Simon be important enough to speak at The Sonja Pride Parade? Alex was determined to get him and his HORRIBLE sequin jacket onstage.
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  12. I otherwise really grew to like Alex between seasons 1 to 3...but she was INSUFFERABLE during season 4. So self-rightious...but totally bias against LuAnn and Jill and yet would happily forgive anything Ramona and Simon said, no matter how awful.

    I'm so glad LuAnn was on top form throughout this season because she BODIED Alex at every turn. Seeing The Countess totally in her element in Marrakech and dragging Sonja and Ramona (who behaved terribly) was such a joy ("This is not the Plaza Hotel, this is M O R O C C O").

    And of course, one of THE quintessential dressing-downs of the franchise:

    I'm also glad to see Jill go out on a high, even though I found her hilarious in season 3 nn. She really seemed to pick her battles a lot more wisely, and I especially loved her dragging Alex (shocker).

    And, of course, I couldn't talk about season 4 without mentioning the Best Supporting Actress of the season: Miss Kelly Killoren Bensimon. The way she spoke to Alex all season ("Are you on CRACK??", "you RUINED my tattoo!!", "you're having an inauthentic moment", "you're red, stop it, it's weird", "cover your shoulders, we're in Marrakesh") had me on the floor.
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  13. Alex looked amazing (for once) in that confrontation with Luann... but our Countess bringing up the whole “I have to deliver a message” thing from Season 3 as a parting shot, was superb.
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  14. I love how the New York ladies dress exactly the same 10 years later. A mess.
  15. I hope Cindy isn't still wearing literal rugs:
  16. I legit thought this was a photo of a young Gretchen at first sight, dd
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  17. Season 10 was an incredible season for the fans, but a disastrous season for a lot of the women. Bethenny and Dorinda were absolutely vile for 80% of the season, Carole came across terribly a lot of the time (despite being right most of the time, imo, as evidenced by her blogs.)

    LuAnn was obviously a trainwreck, and let's not forget what a mess Sonja was in the first third of the season. No one would speak to her and she was crazier than ever - shitting herself in an adult diaper on a public bus?

    To me Ramona and Tinsley were the only ones that emerged relatively unscathed, and that's saying something. Season 11 was largely an image rehabilitation exercise for B and Dorinda, and it worked.
  18. It also helped that Luann was terrible in season 11, It made look Dorinda waaay much better (even though it was a good season for her overall)
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  19. I love that Dorinda called someone a cunt and still came across looking good in season 11.
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  20. Debatable. I thought Dorinda was very obviously seething last season.
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