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The Real Housewives of New York City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. How dare you say that about the woman who kicked Barbra out of her apartment after going off about IT'S A CHERRY!!!!!!! OOO IT'S A CHERRY!!!! LUANN SAYS IT'S A CHERRY!!
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  2. Ummmm speaking of Sonja Pride, Sonja got kicked out of a gay bar in Philadelphia last night. I am screaming. Not queen of The LGBT getting kicked out by the gays.
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  3. Did she insult Miz Cracker again?
  4. I don't know but she was crying and saying that she came in "with a full heart" and they "shit on her."

    Apparently the cast is in Philadelphia filming right now.
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  5. Alex McCord’s revenge
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  6. Scream @ Dorinda sending LuAnn a Tyler Perry quote. Also, I like Barbara! Why didn't she go beyond just being featured? I'm only on episode 2 so I'm sure it might become more clear as the season goes on.
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  7. It doesn’t on screen... but I loved Barbra as well
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  8. Because she was a big fat turnip, that's why
  9. Apparently she had a female lover film quite a bit with her and then later tried to get the footage scrubbed, as apparently her lover was still married at the time. She threatened a lawsuit at Bravo and of course Bravo was pissed.
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  10. As a Barbara stan I am always happy to see love for her.

    Also world peace may be within touching distance:

  11. WHAT?! That sounds amazing.

    Also, I can't believe how close I am to finishing this show. I'd pace it out a bit, but my (third) free trial with Hayu ends next week so I need to zip through season 11 dddd. A shit sis can only produce so many different emails.
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  12. Ramona supporting other women...we love to see it.
    *Fake microphone effect*I SUPPORT WOMEN I EMPOWER WOMEN.
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  13. Queen is snatched.
  14. Dale is an icon. The only thing Tinsley brings to the series.
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  15. ET's Brice Sander spoke with Jill Zarin at BravoCon on Friday and asked if she'd ever return to the reality series per fans' request. Zarin, 55, left the show after the first four seasons and returned as a guest on season 11. "I could never live up to the fans wanting me to come back, but I think I'm done. The time is over for me," Zarin said, adding that she's in her "third act" of life. "I had my run and I'm very happy I did."


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  16. They’ve officially announced Leah McSweeney as the new RHONY.
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  17. 3:17 onwards, Ramona continuing to make appearances and cause mayhem.
  18. This is why we all stan Ramona as the best housewife of all time. I mean toym. Right girls???
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