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The Real Housewives of New York City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Why do we stan this scene ladies? Because its.....

  2. "I've looked at all the rules, I go to doctors, and I check off all the boxes and I'm fine." - me whenever anyone asks me anything ever for the rest of my life.

    Give me a Sonja and Ramona Take Miami spinoff, please. Sonja is out of her mind here.

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  4. Wow I really fucked up by not going to BravoCon.
  5. Little Ramonsters, I am mourning today.


    I only have one episode left (the final part of the S11 reunion). This has been such a ridiculously fun few months of binging. Ramona, Dorinda and Sonja have quickly become some of my favorite reality TV girls of all time. They really made it nice. Once I'm done I have... so many questions for y'all.
  6. You need to fill the hole after your done...
    That's what I've found I've had to do, currently loving BH Season 4, and New Jersey S10.
    With Potomac to carry on from S2 when BH goes off tbe boil.
  7. Atlanta too!

    Barb is being done so dirty dddddd
  9. Edu


  10. Andy: Are there wedding bells in the future??

    Jill: You'll have to watch and see what happens!

    Can they stop fucking teasing us like this???
  11. Was she not trying to be cute and reference Watch What Happens Live? I still don't think we'll see her more than twice next season.
  12. This is the worst thing your friend Jill has ever done.™
  13. Doing a rewatch of RHONY and Sonja Is unbearable on season 6 and 7, I love me some delusions, but I can't, I caaaan't with her.
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  14. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    Never change queen
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  15. Okay so one of my many questions – which Real Housewives series are the best after NYC? I don't think I'll start another one anytime soon as I have a lot of other shit I want to get to, but I know I definitely will make time for another down the line.

    Also, from the NYC franchise, who are generally the most / least loved women? I can honestly say I don't get the love for Tinsley at all. I mean, she's certainly no Cindy but she's also definitely not a Ramona or Sonja or Dorinda or even a Jill.
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  16. The most loved are definitely the four big ones: Ramona, Lu, Dorinda and Sonja. Of these four, Luann and Sonja seem to be the most popular with the people I know in real life/interact with on social media. But Bethenny is probably the favorite from NY past and present. I think the least liked would be Kristen, Jules and Aviva but let the record reflect that I love the latter and enjoyed the former two as well. I'm curious to see how people take to Leah because Tinsley definitely has her fans but still lives in the shadow of the others.
  17. I'm an avowed Tinsley fan. If you consider what she's provided with the show over the last few years, you've got some classic moments. The circus clown breakdown. Sitting pretending nothing was wrong as the boat was sinking and people were screaming. Her dead dog being frozen. The embryo breakdown. "There's an ambulance. It must be serious. Oh! There's our taxi." Thing is - and I've said it before - I'm a fan of every Housewife on New York. Honestly. I don't think there's been a bad one at all. Even Cindy really improved during my rewatch. I understand that Tinsley might leave, but she's a good little part of the show. I'd like her to stay. Her craziness isn't dark and nasty like that of Sonja and Dorinda. Levity is good on this show.
  18. My beloved Little Ramonster, how can you say this about the season where she gets wasted in Atlantic City and talks about raising MILLIONS for the LGBT??
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  19. And partying with Madonna and John John

    (but don’t tell Carole)
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  20. Smoky eye updo gstaad.

    Smoky eye updo gstaad.

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