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The Real Housewives of New York City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Re: Bethenny

    The rumor is she only took off this season because filming overlapped with pre-production on her Mark Burnett show and she’s coming back next season or the season following after her show hits the ground running.
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  2. But good on her already planting the seed of her return so it isn’t too embarrassing to her who when she returns. At least she is watchable and isn’t afraid to give us content - not like LVP in the later years...
  3. I was just sent this by my friend and if only Jill was a current castmate! This is DARK.

  4. Steven may not be Ally's dad, but Jill is definitely my mom. Iconic.
  5. omg is THAT the worst thing your friend Jill has ever done?
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  6. I'm watching season 11 again in preparation for Thursday and Sonja has been carrying the season a bit?

    Ok maybe not carrying it but she did gave us a lot in the Berkshires and Miami. It's also nice to see her have some articulate moments like when she called out Luann in her house upstate for her behavior at the Halloween party.
  7. Ramona becoming a mildly viral hit for cleaning her home in a negligee...Bethenny must be seething!
  8. We stan these women. Where's Sonja though?!
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  9. You just KNOW Sonja can't get Zoom to work!
  10. Especially as none of her interns would self isolate with her
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  12. Omg I should not be laughing at this!

    typo or drunk?
  13. I'm so excited for the season to begin, I feel like this is what everyone needs right now.

    Also.. I hate to admit it but I wouldn't be mad at a Bethenny return next season. They'll definitely have her back to. My only demand (already) is that we get 7 wives again (though I say this with every franchise but it just works).
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  14. Wait, it's tonight?! TONIGHT?! YES.
  15. What did it say??

    Also yes GAWD at this coming back tonight. Save us queens!
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  17. I think I’m gonna miss Bethenny ngl
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  18. Wow you dont supPort other women huh
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