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The Real Housewives of New York City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. This season has been stellar but that last episode was booooooorrrrriiiiiingggggg (screamed in Ramona voice)
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  2. Episode 6 of Season 1 really is THE ONE! It absolutely set a precedent for the excellence to come. I forgot most of the most memorable moments from the season are all in this one episode: Simon invading the girls night, Ramona berating Alex & Simon for being unable to do things separately, Ramona leaving the dinner party early for another party with her non-RHONY friends, Bethenny nearly drooping dead at the sight of Alex’s Brooklyn dump, Luann ripping Bethenny for daring to introduce her to a driver as something other than Mrs. de Lesseps, Alex desperately scouring through the Times Style Section to see if her photo made the cut, Bethenny introducing the “Skinny girl’s” margarita, Ramona hitting the dance floor at the Fortune Magazine Most Eligible Bachelor party...honestly the entire season can be summed up in this 42 minutes.
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  3. Obviously not as great as the Hamptons episodes but I still liked this week's episode overall. It was relatively calm but still gave me some laughs.

    Also just about to start Season 8. Season 7 was really good. It had so many moments and I thought overall that the cast was good although Kristen seemed to be used for reaction shots and I forgot she was there most of the time. Continued to fan girl over Ramona especially her falling asleep during the Reunion
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  4. The bullying montages last episode sjdkdkjfkenekdmfnfkwkenfnfndnndjdjd
  5. Edu


    Luann completely astonished when Jacques said he hasn't heard Feelin' Jovani then playing the song loud on her phone was a highlight.


  6. Ramona decimating Bethenny on the Brooklyn bridge will never not be funny. SAWRRY!
  7. Let’s revisit it just because!

  8. "What do you think about Obama's Healthcare?"
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  9. “Let’s discuss neutral things. What do you think about Obama’s healthcare?”
  10. The way these girls single handedly made Bethenny the fan favorite by being awful to her (Lu, Jill, Kelly and Ramona) and then begrudged how adored she was.
  11. Now y'all know I cannot stand Alex but watching The Countess innovate new ways of calling her busted without outright saying it for four consecutive seasons was a franchise highlight.
  12. LuAnn's passive aggressive drags towards Alex for four seasons straight was iconic. She didn't even need to try, it was just effortless. She always left Alex flapping about trying to find her words in a bid to convince the audience she was some badass but The Countess always won.
  13. The Countess Pandora Station De Lesseps perfectly well knew who it was when she said "Sounds like RHINOCEROS!"
  14. Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes!
  15. Luann didn't really have a single good read until Season 4, but she did make up for it with the aforementioned Alex drags.
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  16. "Have you ever seen Elaine On Seinfeld dance?"

    I'm loving Elyse's gradual fold into the group, I can see why the producer's kept asking her back.
  17. One of my favourite Alex things is the way she let her heinous children destroy Bethenny’s boyfriend’s $30 burger in the last episode of Season 1 and then took umbrage 2 seasons later when it was suggested they were little terrors dd
  18. Was looking on Elyse's IG and she said her and Ramona have been frenemies forever. They only made a go at being friends because their daughters are extremely close with one another. Though it seems like they have a big bust up towards the end of the season, so I don't imagine she'll be back next year.
  19. Apparently Sonja said that Elyse has “dark energy” and the cast didn’t want her around after a certain point and so didn’t have her on the cast trip, so something must happen between her and RamonJa.

    If Tinsley doesn’t return I want Leah to get a friend who’s in her 30s next season, plus a wealthy, delusional woman in her 40s (so Tins 2.0 I guess).
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