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The Real Housewives of New York City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Remember when LuAnn had dreams about being a tooth.
  2. I'm like a broken record in terms of repeating this every time Ms. Zarin is brought up, but I really don't think she fits into the show that RHONY has become. She made a lot more sense back in the Manhattan Moms/step-and-repeat-gate era of the show when it focused more on the upper east side elite, but I can't ever see her, say, running around corn maze while Sonja pees on some crops.

    She really never was a comedy/hijinks sorta of cast member (outside of her figure skating scene kiiii), and outside the narrative satisfaction of seeing she and Bethenny reconnect on camera, I don't really think she should come back.
  3. It’s time to bring Danielle Staub into the franchise.
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  4. Amanda Lepore as a permanent member of cast.
  5. I don’t believe they’ve never had a conversation with Caroline Stansbury about joining the fold at some point. I can only accept that she said no, because they’d be FOOLS to not usher her in at some point.
  6. This! I’d be shocked if they don’t get her on next season, she’s a perfect fit with an actual connection to the group through Dorinda and Sonja. I’d kill to see newly single Caroline absolutely destroying men and getting drunk with these ladies.
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  7. I know that Tinsley's original reality show from 2010 has been posted in this thread before, but I hadn't watched until today and.... my jaw is on the floor in the first 8 minutes alone. It's shocking.

    Paul: "I've been to rehab twice now, I'm still drinking.. LuAnn energy I do whatever I want. I wanna have a family, I wanna have a book published."

    The fact that the editing appears to have been done by someone on amphetamines and things happen in a split second, like Paul just starting to make out with someone having been bored and wanting to leave in the shot before, and then leaving immediately after..

    The monster that is Jules Kirby - her introductory scene being her throwing a phone across the room because the hotel manager wasn't instantly available (in front of a terrified Dabney)

    "My friends do tend not to be... homosexuals, fat, Jewish people or black guys.." did this seriously get aired on TV? I'm in shock.

    "I use the n-word sometimes, um and I really think it should be okay to say... my dream is to work for the United Nations."

    Will be bingeing immediately.
  8. I need to see Jill and Ramona fight until near-death again. They were both barely grasping at life by the end of season 4 - Jill literally clutching at her chest and claiming she was having a "hahwt attack!!" while Ramona hysterically sobbed on that Moroccan bed.
  9. Morocco is so, so iconic. It really was the start of Sonja and Ramona being legitimate assholes on trips. The problematic behavior we would come to expect for the next 7 seasons!
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  11. Sonja being petrified the entire time when she lived in an absolute hoarder-like, filthy nightmare for a decade.
  12. Gaslighting Cindy over her stolen hangers.
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  13. Edu


    And Dale was already the star of the show back then as usual.
  14. Right that's Season 8 completed and I loved this season! I love and hate them all except for Ramona who I just love. Big fan of Luann's delusion/lack of self awareness as always.

    Some highlights for me this season (sorry for the long post)

    - Sonja and Luann talking about Luann's Eskimo teeth and Sonja asking her how she does blowjobs with them
    - Ramona telling the story about John taking viagra and saying that he bangs Dorinda for 6 hours.
    - Bethenny trying to avoid John at her birthday party
    - Ramona walking into the medium late and talking loudly. Then when Kim says that Dorinda won't get married again, Ramona blurting out "thank god"
    - Luann giving Ramona a re-gifted gift for her birthday.
    - Sonja's ThirstyGirl business and Bethenny tearing her to absolute pieces.
    - Rey.
    - The Berkshires trip descending into 24 hours of absolute chaos. All started out so civilised then Bethenny comes in with the quip about Luann and the skinnygirl name.
    - Ramona's dog shitting everywhere in Dorinda's house
    - Luann talking about how Bethenny called her a slut whilst Jules is dealing with her dad having pneumonia. Even at the reunion still trying to justify it. Queen of zero self awareness.
    - Carole's determination to get her story arc with the argument over Luann saying stuff about her and Adam.
    - Jules going full on Kelly Bensimon with putting a knife and fork in her calzone.
    - Ramona raging with the article on Page Six because it said she was Tom's Friend With Benefits.
    - THE TOM PHOTO. Like that was amazing? Then Luann just forgetting about it and deciding she was going to marry him anyway despite everything.
    - Even Sonja being like 'WTF' over Luann's engagement. Ramona's face when Luann says "I think he wants to marry me"
    - Luann's excitement at the gays knowing Chic C'est La Vie when they're going to the sandbar
    - Bethenny phoning her boyfriend's daughter at the reunion to refute everything Luann was saying about her relationship.
    - Sonja saying that everyone knows Dorinda does drugs at the reunion
    - Obsessed also with the way my Reggae Queen Ramona tells stories "It was a Monday night....and I remember this because...."

    Also as a side note, I love how all the girls confirmed that Ramona is a really nice person and constantly checks up on them when they're going through a rough patch e.g. Bethenny and the health scare and Jules and her dad having pneumonia.

  15. We've seen Ramona's niceness in the latest season as well, she's the real Mother Hen on the show, even if she hides it.
  16. Whew girls high key recommend Avery’s IG Stories for some quaratined Ramona content

    Ramona saying she’s a fan of herself after watching the first few episodes of S1 is *chef’s kiss*
  17. It's very interesting on a podcast Heather said she still kept in contact with her, I think Carole said the same thing too, and even if her and Jill are always frenemies at heart, didn't Ramona organize a trip for Jill after Bobby passed?
  18. Ramona is the one who tends to be genuine friends with the most of her current and former cast mates - and even other franchise Housewives! She has been often seen with Melissa (on and off the show) as well as Kelly Dodd. She really does support other women!

    The SkinnyGirls can't relate!
  19.'s amazing how she could easily fit into both New York and Beverly Hills. She is close with Dorinda and is also supposedly really good friends with Kyle. I could easily see her being the first friend of to exist on multiple franchises (just because she would KILL in both circles.) I still maintain that Bravo needs to work on their diversity issues (especially in New York) but if Tinsley is out after this season, adding Caroline and a woman of color, I'm going to assume a friend of Leah's, would be great. (And that is no shade as Luann, Bethenny, and Heather have all stated that they suggested women of color to production but none of them were picked.) But, back to the main point, in my head I already see the look of disdain on Caroline's face the first time Sonja over drinks and starts acting like at the rich guy's house or the wine tasting.
  20. Caroline wouldn’t dare come for Sonja’s unshaven pussy
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