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The Real Housewives of New York City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. The mediumd predicting Ramona's being cheated and Kelly out of all people actually being somehow fluent in French and understood it right away (truly Luann could never)
  2. When Jill sees her cocaine-addled gay at that store and the camera man zooms in on his eyeballs Hdjjdbfhdjdjfh.
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  3. Ramona: “I actually respect EVERYONE.”

  4. And then she outs him about staying in a BED AND BREAKFAST and pretending it’s his house.
  5. Season 1 of Beverly Hills is one of the greatest seasons of reality tv ever. There’s a fight in the finale that’s one of the rawest, realest things Ive ever seen.

    With that said New York is the best.
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  6. This last episode.......wooo Dorinda is going to be in trigger mode this whole season isn't she? I feel like someone could say "How are you today?" and she'll be like "What do you FUCKING mean by THAT?" I get that she went from a loss to a relationship and needed more time to deal but.....yeah. Besides her basement moment Luann seems to be playing it safe so far.
  7. So while RHOBH is getting better overall ratings, BH and RHONY are about equal in the 18 to 34 demographic. RHONY managing to stay above 1 million overall viewers for each episode is a good sign with the current times. Even RHOA never breaks 2 million anymore.

    The twitter fags hating this season is incomprehensible to me. It's brilliant!
  8. Ddd, I think LuAnn is probably relieved the heat is finally off her after getting raked across hot coals for the last 3 seasons. I do look forward to her fight with Dorinda though.
    Yes, we stan a cult hit!
  9. I forgot Kelly was even in Season 4.
  10. Close your eyes. It's weird. Okay?? It's weird. Like, close your eyes.
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  11. HOW?!
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  12. “What is that? Is that a buffalo coming down the stairs?”
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  13. It’s coming to Netflix Spain too! I’m extremely excited and I can’t wait to rewatch the beginnings of Bethenny™ and her journey to success and Skinny Girl™
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  14. Is it selfish of me to hope that the reunion is filmed in the usual setting? I would imagine they'll avoid filming it until the latest possible point so they're able to make this happy, so maybe late July, early August?

    I wouldn't be surprised if filming resumes later in the year like it used to as well, so back to October rather than late Summer.
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  15. This is like a photoshoot!!!

    *dolphin noises*
  16. Sonja please finish your juice cleanse before the reunion so you don't pass out 10 minutes into it please Mom
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  17. Do they usually film the reunions shortly before the season airs on TV? I'm... really interested to see how they react this season, because it seems like not of the major tensions have been resolved at all. The filming of next season is going to be so strange. Even if things are closer to normal then, they certainly won't be throwing any big parties/gatherings anytime in 2020.

    Also... have the other girls ever had reactions similar to the ire Dorinda is getting now? This is my first time watching live, so seeing all the hate on Dorinda's social media had me wondering what other seasons/storylines drew that kind of heated reaction from fans.
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  18. From what I understand, the reunion's are filmed a couple of weeks before the final episode airs. The cast are shown the last few episodes the night before the reunion taping to catch them up and to stir the pot. @johnny_tsunami will probably know more.

    I want to say Dorinda's behaviour thus far will dominate the reunion but in her after show she suggested that the attention will shift away from her now. So we'll see. I think it'll be herself and Tinsley sat next to Andy, as it sounds like her disappearance will piss the group off towards the end.
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  19. ddddd I love this. It's always interesting what we don't get to see on screen. It'd be iconic if we actually got to watch Ramona and Sonja watching the show and hearing some of what other girls say about them.

    This reminds me of Jwoww recently revealing that during the filming of season 3 of Jersey Shore, producers would bring in a TV on Thursday nights and let the cast watch season 2 episodes live with the rest of the world as it aired – so Sammi was watching Ron cheat on her in Miami just months prior, just as she was making an ass of herself defending him and fighting with the other girls. All the producers had to do to stir up drama was show them those episodes once a week.
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