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The Real Housewives of New York City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. I'm 30 mins into the first episode of Season 10 and Luann's Diana Ross costume.

    Like.....what went through her mind?!
  3. I love the drunk Dorinda talk with Carole about what they’ll do together after the marathon. ‘We’ll share our deepest darkest secrets.... and then go to sleep in my bed.... then watch Ghosthunters"
  4. I love Dorinda’s daily ritual of getting into bed at 4pm to watch Ghosthunters and then have a nap.
  5. HA how did I forgot this!

    Regarding Leah vs Ramona, this is what I've been waiting for the most. I personally don't think her sister coming is a big deal but this is Ramona and she's doing the most, thank god.
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  6. Sonja Morgan voice That was 17 diarrheas ago!
  7. I love Elyse getting support from the other girls on Insta, if she can keep them onside for the Reunion, she'll be back
  8. Whelp Ramona just died guys.
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  9. Someone missed the last page
  10. That's a whole mood to be honest
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  11. Edu


    Not Leah feuding with Ramona's best friend Avery.
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  12. DRAG HER LEAH! Straight to hell!

    We are in for a real TREAT next episode:

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  13. I screamed when this post had been liked by @Hunterpoop - how fitting!
  14. Ramona is about to face someone as remorseless as herself. Not even her sister will be safe...
  15. Elyse is so annoying. Shut up!! No one asked!!

    EDIT: God this whole episode reminded me of when my ex used to take me to parties where all the women looked like Elyse and Ramona and were so rude to me for the sole crime of being 25-30 years younger than them. Not that I ever lost my shit in one of those situations but I really got what Leah was feeling and knew why she acted like that. Older women can be so judgemental, especially when it’s a tight elite circle like that and there’s someone they see as an upstart joining them.

    The awful writer Victoria Hislop once told me I “looked vulnerable” because I was wearing a cold shoulder dress and I nearly hit her ddd
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  16. Oh Wow, a scalping and a half.
  17. In Newport we don't even pee,
    Ramona being her mean old self and not wanting someone new to the group for a night,
    Dorinda freezing her tits off on that beach and claiming it's beautiful,
    Leah drunkenly roly polying next to the dinner tabke,
    I love Elyse the psychologist,
    Luann calling out Ramona'a crap.

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  18. That episode was brilliant, especially the ending. The entire cast feuding with each other? We love to see it. The Countess dragging Ramona out of nowhere was great. She's so stannable this year.

    Leah is fantastic, oh my god. Her destructive behaviour was like a perfect storm, she was so far off the deep end it was incredible. I don't see why inviting her sister was a huge deal, Ramona should've just said no and it was done. The fact that she kept flip-flopping with her answer made the scenario worse. This feud in particular is great because it brings out the better, more unhinged side of Ramona.

    I hate how quickly I warm to Dorinda once she isn't screaming at Tinsley, it's hard to hate her because she's such an intriguing character. It's good they've seemingly called a truce for now and I like that Leah brings out a better version of Tinsley, she makes her more fun. Especially in the preview for next week?! Leah, her sister and Tinsley leaving the restaurant together cackling after Leah throws ravioli at Ramona, noooo.

    Elyse the instigator makes a great friend! Much better than Barbara. It's a shame she and Ramona have fallen out as I wouldn't mind seeing her continue in this role next year.
  19. I was skeptical but after the last two episodes, I'm definitely on team Elyse. She seems so comfortable in front of the camera. Barbra was always a bit skittish.
  20. I agree. It's weird she gets skull dragged so hard on Twitter every week though "wHo Is ShE" like girl it's not that hard to figure out. I'm here for her judgey, pot stirring ways.

    Not sure if it was posted but Luann teased that the midseason trailer is very explosive, yas. Assuming we'll get it next week?
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