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The Real Housewives of New York City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Leah is ready to expose Ramona at any fucking time. I live for that kinda energy. I hope Andy clocks her at the reunion to see if she’ll backtrack on that all lives matter remark. How fucking dumb.
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  2. Elyse clocking Ramona and Sonja's privilege.. maybe we stan. Kii's aside, they should all be using their platform to speak out right now. Though nothing really surprises me when it comes to the questionable political views of these women. They're all morally corrupt to some degree.
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  3. The juxtaposition between Leah taking to the streets to protest and Ramona posting "All Lives Matter" on her Instagram is just... well, it speaks for itself. I'm really glad they have someone like Leah on the show.

    It's gonna be interesting when they inevitably cast more young, progressive women like Leah alongside Ramona and Sonja.
  4. Don't forget youthful and famous Democratic donor Luann De Lesseps! Huh-hah!! Can you believe it girls? She's a Bernie bro!
  5. I'm returning to work tomorrow which means an earlier bedtime. I thought it would be best for me to watch something that gives me great comfort and makes me feel really happy before I head to bed so...

    I'm watching the boat episode.[​IMG]
  6. Cheers, sis!

    I'm watching the "It's about Tom" saga at the end of season 8 where Bethenny dies.
  7. 421D20F1-C870-4A3D-8B4D-5F60FE639795.jpeg

    When my alarm goes off tomorrow morning and I’ve only had 3 hours sleep because I stayed up watching housewives.
  8. Elyse. We stan a sniper from the side.
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  9. I don't know why but I'm cackling at this post. The delayed SAWRY. I can hear it.

    I love this thread, y'all.
  10. Finally watched it - why am I team Ramona I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_

    They were literally already on the way somewhere and she asked to invite someone, on the spot in front of everyone?? And Leah clearly needed a bit of checking up on to make sure she was okay drinking.

    Season ticket for the Ramonacoaster plz!
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  11. To be fair to Ramona, Leah's behavior woulda triggered the shit outta me too. Not to the point of blocking it out nn, but I can't handle erratic behavior.
  12. The HOUSEWIVES threads and the Horror Films thread are my absolute faves on this forum.
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  13. Obsessed with this look from Ms Morgan
  14. I love that she looks like she's accusing Goodie Avery of being with the devil.
  15. Sister Morgan looks snatched.
  16. Sonja when she thinks about whether or not she shit her pants:
  17. She wouldn't be wrong,
  18. Maybe it’s just the state of the current world, but it immediately felt very Klan-like, so I tried to block it out.
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  19. My issue with Ramona pretending to be so upset about Leah is that she was very clearly having fun egging it on during the dinner. Are we gonna act like she wasn't giggling with Sonja saying "Let's tell Leah that her sister can't come now!!!" knowing that it would throw her off the deep end even more while she was already trashed and acting erratically?
  20. I love watching Ramona on television but I couldn't be her friend. She's too evil.
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