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The Real Housewives of New York: Love Myself featuring Ramona Mazur Avery Singer

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. As much as I loved Jill at the time I can’t see she fitting in now. She was never much of a fun party girl and didn’t drink much which I feel like is almost a job requirement for this franchise at this point. I can just imagine her awkwardly sat at the side on cast trips and nights out.
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  2. Poor Barb. What they did to her at the reunion I'll never get over.
  3. I don't know. I mean I don't think they were nice at all (edit: downright horrible at the reunion) but she also messed up the production (if the behind the scenes rumblings are true) and gave us the shorter season.
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  4. That is slander against our big fat turnip.
  5. Dorinda calling her a big fat turnip and Bethenny wiping off her tanner on camera were both just very cruel, schoolyard bullying-type behaviors that our Moms are (surprisingly) above most of the time. Inexcusable, really. I just felt sad for Barbra.
  6. I am definitely not excusing that behavior, I felt horrible for her. Dorinda becomes a bully when cornered and Bethenny is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
  7. I still can't believe Pickles died in Sonja's freezing cold foyer R.I.P.
  8. Got to say Barbara took all of that like a pro, good for her.
  9. She really did. I liked her, but I don't think her personality jived with those of the other wives.

    The only thing that really made me cringe was her destroying the Miami room with her tanner.

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  10. I'm still thinking about when Tinsley called 911 because her dog died
  11. I put MY dog in the freezer when he died...
  12. Okay so just hear me season Kate Chastain joins the cast and the show goes back to it's roots of having someone who was not wealthy like the others and be our sounding board/Greek chorus like Bethenny was in her first run. It also gives us someone closer to Leah's age. Have Caroline Stansbury pop in and out as a friend of (she is good friends with Dorinda) leading to an excuse to have a full cast trip to the UK (also filling in the age gap). Finally, have a seventh apple holder (Ramona, Luann, Sonja, Dorinda, Leah, Kate) who MUST be a woman of color, maybe even 2 if Bravo decides they have to get rid of one of the old timers since they are cleaning house. If Kimora Lee still lived in New York I would make Andy do whatever he had to do to make it happen but I think she's mostly LA based. Just a random thought I had in my head.
  13. I hate to say it, but Sonja would slot into that Friend Of position the easiest.
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  14. @camden_italian you have put the idea of Kimora Lee on RHONY into my head and I will never know peace again.
  15. I definitely think Kate Chastain should join next season. She'd be the perfect Bethenny replacement and I think she'd fit in great with the women.

    We all know Bravo doesn't like franchise hopping but it's honestly too perfect not to happen.
  16. @ThighHighs I have had it in my head for years, ever since Heather joined because I had convinced myself they knew each other (at that point I was convinced she was the only one that had non-white friends)--so I'm sorry you now share my pain! @Andrew.L yes I most definitely think if any of them are in trouble it would be Sonja. I love her dearly, but if it's between Ramona, Luann, and Sonja, I think a friend of role would be a good fit for her.
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  17. We deserve Kate Chastain as a RHONY wife. Literally one of my favorite Bravo-lebrities and I like her more than 97% of Housewives (across all franchises)

    She would eat all of these women alive and I would live.

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  18. It's never gonna happen, ladies.

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  19. So Bethenny is basically making The Apprentice: Skinnygirl Edition for HBO Max. She left Ramona and Sonja for that?
  20. Honestly, everything about Bethenny going into business with Mark Burnett is gross.
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