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The Real Housewives of New York: Season 12

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. After reading on reddit CouponCabin’s Glassdoor reviews are a must I went looking for them and...I hope Tinsley is okay and that Scott’s unstableness is confined to work.
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  2. Maybe she would have had better grip if she was wearing her Herman Munster shoes

  3. They're in MEXICO for their cast trip! (again) So far no sign of Tinsley - it appears that only Lu, Ramona, Sonja, Dorinda and Leah are there. Maybe Tinz will fly in later? We can hope.
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  4. Where is Jill though?!
  5. I really want to see the RHONY ladies in Europe one day. I know they film in winter and I know the trip will probably be great but I hate that they've been repeating themselves for the last few seasons.
  6. Look at you...
  7. Look at ME?????
    LOOK AT YOU!!!!!!! *shoves a reflective martini glass in an alcoholic's face*
  8. Don't say look at you, that's fucking RUDE!
  9. Across franchises, maybe only Rina throwing a glass of wine over Kim beats it in shitty ways to treat an alcoholic, doesn't it?
    (even if they both deserved the intent)
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  10. The preface to this though.....

    YeAH IM DRinKIng LuANN! *pulls face*

    Ddd low key, Tinsley was the MVP of that entire scene.
  11. My MVP will always be Ramona. For every scene.
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  12. “I haven’t used her as a DOORMAT, she’s my FRIEND.

    ...was my friend.”
  13. Cabaret,​
    all day​

    Life Is NOT a cabaret

    It Is actually NOT a cabaret
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  14. You're A SICKEAUGHX!!!!!!
  15. Honestly, someone needs to make a supercut of all of LuAnn's digs over the years.
  16. HE LOOKS EVIL in that picture. I CAN'T. RUN TINSLEY.
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  17. Ladies, I need assistance!!!

    What episode/scene is Luann’s:

    “Can you BELIEVE it girls?!” Quote from, and if possible does anyone have a gif?
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  18. What other context is there?
  19. Don’t know the episode number but it’s season 8 in Miami as the girls congregate on Tom’s yacht for Lu and Tom’s engagement party.
  20. She never specifically says it. It's from Watch What Crappens. Nonetheless, it is VERY Luann and very hilarious.

    She comes very close to saying it in season 5 when she does the "drive by" with Carole, Aviva, and Heather about Ramona threatening her and then again in season 8 when she brings Sonja on Tom's yacht.
    "Can you believe it, Sonja?? We got the yacht!!"
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