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The Real Housewives of New York Thread: Bethenny is leaving and we are sad.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. *discussing Ramona's renewal and her terrorising Bethenny on the Brooklyn Bridge:

    If I had to erase one comment out of all my comments, that's the one. How's that?
    KELLY Oh really? Not that I'm stupid?
    RAMONA I dunno Kelly, I mean she (Jill) says things she doesn't mean. I mean, that's like you know, I call my daughter stupid sometimes.
    KELLY Do not do that! Do not call your daughter stupid.
    RAMONA I really don't, I just gave that as an example to make you feel better.

    Bethenny being above knowing Gwyneth is such a funny thing I think about
  4. I won't have any Ramona hate in this page, please! We would be so lucky as to have 10% of her body confidence.

    I'm so into MIRRAHS now!! Let's face it: I've got great arms, great tits, and a great ass!! Hotter than HAW!!!
  5. Ramona is my mentality goals when I approach my late 50s. She does nawt give a single F!
  6. Me as fuck.
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  7. Me as hell.
  8. *whispering loudly* I'M SORRY BETHENNY!!!! I'M SORRY!!!!
  9. This kills me every fucking time. This and the one of the mention it all fight when she has her hand on her chest and is ACTING.


  10. I really feel like they're going to demote Ramona and my heart can't take it.
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  11. Have we talked about this yet?

  12. I preferred this one.

    Still pissed no gay ever strung all the Ramona summer dancing videos to Never Really Over.
  13. I love Sonja, but wow, she is really unbearable in Season 4.
  14. Geeeeeze, my heart really goes out to Kristin when they show how awful her marriage is/was (did she leave him after the sex-site scandal?).

    Heather's hubby is so delicious.
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  15. I believe they are still together.

    And I agree! Heather and her husband seem so perfectly fit together.
  16. I love Aviva at the S6 reunion. You can tell she has no intention of speaking to these women ever again.
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  17. Heather's remains one of the all-time hottest housewife husbands for me.
  18. I'm so glad she knew she was fired before the reunion was filmed....sis really could have just sat back and collected a check but she went out with guns blazing. She did that purely for us, the fans.
  19. I love it when you call me Sonjarita!

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