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The Real Housewives of New York Thread: Bethenny is leaving and we are sad.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. The absolute effortless when Aviva pops off always kills me. The S6 finale party is unrivaled in hysteria. S5 Aviva was more iconic but she definitely delivered in her final (shortened) run.
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  2. Bethenny is being a fucking dick to Carole in Season 10... their lunch where Carole calls out Bethenny not telling the whole story about their texts over Christmas...

    How telling.
  3. There has actually never been a bad NY housewife. Even Kristen did her best.
  4. Cindy Barshop says hello from Quogue.
  5. I haven't watched the full season with Cindy but I agree with the others. Kristin and Jules did do their best.
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  6. Cindy and Jules flip flop for me. Sometimes I dislike one more than the other. Both aren’t awful but they just become tiring after a while. Both had their own issues/annoyances.Cindy and her twins that she couldn’t even take care of without the help of nannies/assistants and Jules and “Michael... MICHAEL?! Michael?”.

    They are both better than most other non NY housewives who only lasted one season though.
  7. Having just rewatched S4, Cindy isn’t even that bad. She brought it in most of her fights with Sonja.
  8. I liked her. She took no shit. But it wasn't to be.
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  9. Cindy was so spiteful, I don't mind that she got chopped after one season, but she sure was more entertaining than the likes of Dr Arroyave. I do think she was the perfect match for Sonja, in the same way Jill and Bethenny are the perfect match for The Singer Stinger.
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  10. The most iconic thing Cindy did was be cut out of all the pictures from Egypt by Sonja.
  11. Season 4 is so, so underrated in general. It's FULL of ridiculous but amazing conflict throughout. You can feel the desperation from each and every one of them to make the show appear relevant without Bethenny. The ratings were actually great, too.

    I know Andy said fans thought it was too negative but I don't really buy it.

    It's what the Beverly Hills girls SHOULD have done with season 9.
  12. Jill getting them to film at Bobbi’s funeral...

    She’s so desperate to get back on the show, and I do miss her, let her be a friend of maybe?

    Luann popping up on speakerphone from rehab is iconic though.
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  13. It seems Bethenny has quite a bit of influence over the show and I can imagine she's adamant that Jill returning would result in her leaving. With that said, Jill has spoke to the press on and off over the last year about how "Bethenny doesn't have time for her" despite making up at the funeral, which I can imagine would piss B off. Although something tells me it might be more to do with Bravo vs Jill, seeing as a lot of scenes she was in this season were cut down or scrapped all together.

    She's desperate to come back though, you can tell. It would be iconic if so.
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  14. She must have really pissed Bravo/Andy off at the end to not have been brought back full time yet. We know she shot much more footage this season that ended up cut, but I can't see Bethenny being that peeved still. Surely B knows the importance of having a killer cast.

    I truly want Holla back. Rewatching S5 and 6 has reminded me how much I loved her in the mix. Can't wait to revisit S7 next to see her and Bethenny in the same cast.
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  15. But what did you think of Lu’s arrest footage?

    The editors deserve an emmy for that alone.
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  16. I thought Jill said that on a Jeff Lewis interview where she made it sound like Bethenny doesn't revolve her whole life around Bravo/that circle anymore and wouldn't fight her off the show. I feel like Jill privately would want everything to snap back in shape but Jill is a widow and empty nester while Bethenny is working and has a kid so she probably is aware of their different lifestyles at this point.
    They cut the "if that's the worst thing your friend Jill has ever done she deserves an award!" or whatever line out of the season, right? Bonus points for having Bethenny say "why is she saying these things about me" right after when she was talking about Luann, not Jill.
    Maybe Jill can have an annual special for that Hamptons Housewives get together she does.
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  17. Tinsley living her Muriel’s Wedding fantasy by trying in wedding dresses when she’s not even engaged...

  18. Isn't it the best telly ever? Best of all, it gets even better. Season 10 is the best cast, the best storylines, the craziest Housewives, and the best gifs.
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  19. I’m rewatching season 11 and man... Barbra crying in Miami is melting my cold heart a little.
  20. It gets worse for her. Dorinda hasn't finished humiliating the poor woman yet!
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