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The Real Housewives of New York Thread: Bethenny is leaving and we are sad.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. I had a peek at Jill's IG and she was at some event last night with Kelly KB. They both look incredible..
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  2. I started my S7 rewatch last night. Seeing that many wives in the main title pic is jarring, they really went for it with this cast!
  3. Imagine the chorus of "hi"s that took place as they greeted each other.
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  4. Ally was there too!

    Kelly was all like "HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII oh you still have crippling arthritis? That's so cute.".
  5. Apparently Ramona wants Missy to join the cast. Yes, Tom's ex. Yes, Tom who was married to Luann. I wouldn't bother. She'd probably be another Barbara.
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  6. Missy as in, "MISSSYY!!! MY MISSY I MISS MY MISSY!!!!"
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  7. Yes. Not The Master reborn. Not that Missy.
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  8. I'm watching one of the best episodes of the whole show:
  9. I'm only on episode 3 of S7 and it's sort of telling that B, Ramona, Sonja and Lu get 95% of the screen time. Now I'm starting to remember why Kristin felt completely out of her depth, and I'm getting such a kick out of lowkey Dorinda.
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  10. The girls are in Colombia,
    Ramona getting wheeled though the airport is such a mood.
  11. Get ready for one of the most hilarious yet miserable trips ever!! Bethenny makes everyone's life a living hell the whole time and it's a bitsy iconic.

    Plus you get Joker Dorinda.
  12. The end of episode 15, with Carole and Bethenny going at it at one end of the table, and Dorinda popping off at Luann for no reason at all
    “Have a wine, go to jail!”
    was a great cliffhanger for me to finish the day on.
  13. You're about to get to the thread title, Y*ssssss.

    "At least I didn't get a *gestures dramatically* MUG SHOT, over it."
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  14. Never forget when Dorinda verbally attacked Candice Bushnell, who inspired the character of Carrie Bradshaw, by saying, "I'll tell ya how I'm doing NOT WELL BITCH!!"

  15. LuAnn looking snatched, get that promo.
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  16. The boat ride from Hell is one of the funniest ten minutes of television I’ve ever seen.
    Tinsley claiming it’s fine as Sonja starts pissing herself and kicking off...
  17. The literal shit storm that follows is absolute gold too. The season never lets up.
  18. The best is still yet to come.
    Wow, Bethenny.


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