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The Real Housewives of New York Thread: YOU LEFT US IN YOUR FOYER.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. I like Tinsley but let’s be real girlies — it’s not a huge loss
  2. When intense Leah and vicious Dorinda start on the others, you'll miss her attempts at restoring her prestige and landing a rich husband. And when Luann gets out of control, there'll be no cool quips to crush her ego. But the show will - and must - go on.
  3. The most perfect decision would be getting Holla or Jill in the mix to make the rest of the season more spicy (not that Tinsley was full of flavor).
  4. I'm gonna miss her even if it makes sense in the long run.
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  5. No real loss for me, honestly. I mean... I'll miss Dale, but Tinsley was never important or particularly entertaining to me.

    Also, bring back Jill.
  6. I think the loss of Tinsley is actually huge. She's very much the old Housewives archetype of a spoilt rich woman with no 'normal person' problems, but who's found that money doesn't buy happiness (until right now, I guess.)

    No, she never had iconic moments like Lu/Sonja/Ramona/Dorinda, but in terms of rounding out the cast I thought she was a great addition, had an interesting background, delivered entertaining moments and was actually becoming very self-aware in season 11.

    She also would have provided a lot of great content going forward with her wedding and journey to get pregnant, so I'm sad.
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  7. Just give Dale an Apple.
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  8. This is completely unrelated, but I thought about It sometimes watching the show, is the Skinnygirl brand is as Bethenny present it?
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  9. Bethenny is desperate to promote Skinnygirl at every turn so I don't know if it's that successful. She's still flogging her jeans so she can't be doing that terrible I guess.

    I tried the Skinnygirl drinks once because I was curious and it was so disgusting I threw the whole bottle away. I can't imagine the women actually drink that crap when she brings it to the on-camera parties. I think it's just to have the bottle in the frame but nothing else.
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  10. I can't imagine the brand name is anything but inappropriate. Skinnygirl. Really?
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  11. It's never a good sign when someone has to dilute their brand into a million different areas. I mean, Skinnygirl chocolate? Granola bars? Alcohol? Candles? Skincare?? Jeans???

    When your brand starts to look more like Duck Dynasty and less like Belvedere, it's not a good sign.
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  12. The grapefruit Skinnygirl sparkler (just flavored soda water) was actually THE best easy thing to mix vodka with for me for a while, but the rest of the brand is pretty meh.

    The gay bar a block from me in NYC has Skinnygirl vodka as a top-shelf option, which is a kii,
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  13. I heard on Reddit that her discontinued popcorn and salad dressing flavors are good and those are too specific and random to me that I'll always remember them.
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  14. Justice for Alex McCord's ugly-ass Skinnygirl logo with comic sans font and that weird Bethenny doodle.
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  15. The salt & lime popcorn was revelatory for sure. The bag was half-sized though so it made me wonder how much was actually healthy and how much was starvation.
  16. I've seen Skinnygirl in Target. But they also sell EveryHue Beauty so who knows if it means anything.
  17. Bethenny could be like Paul Newman or something.
  18. Sonja's statement on Tinsley leaving:
    “Tinsley moved to Chicago, but she’s not a New Yorker. She’s from Florida, she lived in Florida — that’s her residency. She’s never really been a New Yorker, she’s been living in a hotel, and you know I’m happy that she’s happy. She’s much happier where she is, let me tell you that. I can see it. … I’m not going to miss filming with her — what I’m going to miss is seeing her often."
    Why does the last sentence sound like it's the letter Laurie Metcalf wrote in the last scene of Ladybird that she read after she moved away to college?
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