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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Hey sweets.

    Let me introduce you to my Moms:

    Luann: Arguably the heart of the franchise, Luann spent the first four seasons of the show as the "uppity" countess, lecturing the girls on manners and mostly focusing on what is or isn't appropriate social behavior. After sleeping with pirates, two divorces, falling in bushes, getting arrested, threatening a police officer's life, getting songs on iTunes under the name Countess Luann, and having a couple of stints of rehab, Luann has emerged as our sympathetic heroine. We have seen her at her highest and lowest moments, and she remains resilient and has finally found a sense of humor about the madness in her life.
    Highlights: "Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes," Sneaking a naked man into the room across from Heather and Carole, singing a horrific version of "Happy Birthday" to try and kill Bethenny.

    Ramona: She's a maven, you know?? As our conservative, Christian mom, she spent her early years in the show pretending to be demure but being unable to stop every single thought she had from leaving her mouth. She shares her opinion pretty much constantly. Her businesses are always pretend. And she always has a glass of pinot in hand. Since her divorce from Mario, she actually seems to have mellowed out and is much less interested in stirring up drama as she is being the absolute center of attention all of the time.

    Sonja: Sonja has raised millions for the LGBT. So let's respect our iconic queen. She started in the show as a dignified woman of the upper-crust, always wearing stunning fashions and giving us a modern-day Mae West shtick. Since then, she has gradually fallen apart at the seams, and it's been kind of amazing to watch. From her forgetting to put pants on her Marie Antoinette costume, to her tooth falling out at a club, to telling us that she parties with John-John Kennedy and Madonna ALL OF THE TIME, she is now more "crazy bag lady" with three dollars on her plastic-covered bed than dignified sex-kitten.
    Highlights: Anytime her and Ramona interact together in any capacity.

    Bethenny: Bethenny began as the #RelatableGirl, who was often the "Greek chorus" of the show during confessionals. She left the show for her own spin-off, following the glorious Season 3. Her absence on Season 4, however, left the rest of the cast some room to breathe and grow. She is, inarguably, the biggest success of the franchise, so it was inevitable that she would return after a failing talk show and a spin-off that was often very uncomfortable to watch. Now? She's the #AnxietyGirl, because she gives me anxiety every time she's on screen. She lately seems to have a massive chip on her shoulder and an incredible amount of resentment. She longs to be important, and while her relief and charity efforts are notable, she can't seem to help herself from trying to destroy any human being that she comes in contact with. And hey, don't forget to buy our new SkinnyGirl line of snacks, jeans, colonics, perfumes, vehicles, etc.!
    Highlights: "GO TO SLEEP GOTOSLEEP!!!!" Calling Luann a 'dumb drag queen,' "MENTION IT!! MENTION IT ALLLL!!!"

    Dorinda: Drunk.
    Highlights: Drunk.

    Tinsley: She brings it the least of all of my moms. But hey, she's still one of my moms, and last season she cried over her frozen eggs and went wedding dress shopping without any possibility of a wedding taking place at any point in the near future. Also, her mom is kind of an icon. She's likeable enough but her personality is always eclipsed by the rest of this incredible cast. I'm hoping she brings us more mess with season 11.
    Highlights: "Longer than your MARRIAGE." "SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND SHUT YOUR LEGS!!!"

    Jill Zarin: I used her full name because she is completely iconic. After being Bethenny's BFF and forming a hilarious alliance against Kelly K.B. in the season 2 reunion, Jill allegedly orchestrated a fight with Bethenny to get herself more fame and more screen time, once she heard that Bravo was testing Bethenny for her own spin-off show. She made a pact with the other girls to not film with Bethenny for season 3. She doubled-down on how she was DONE with Bethenny for filming of the show. However, once Bethenny was pregnant, engaged, and her father died, Jill appeared to realize Bethenny was going to be the sympathetic character in season 3. She attempted to turn the tide on their friendship but it was too late: Bethenny (and Bravo) soured on Jill, as did many fans. For season 4, you could tell Jill tried to pull back and be less abrasive. The damage was already done. Her story is that she sent an e-mail quitting the show after taking a sleeping pill, but it's pretty apparent that Andy Cohen was done with her, based on the season 4 reunion. She has since been making appearances on the show, and she will be back in season 11 in some capacity. She is amazing.
    Highlights: Showing up to St. Barts as a "surprise," all of her Coco Montrese-esque, shady confessionals.

    And introducing, Barbara: This is the woman who went off-camera (but not off-mic) to tell Carole about Tom cheating on Luann. She then tried to sue Bravo. Then she withdrew the lawsuit. Now she's on the show?? I can't WAIT to see how this turns out...

    So 10 seasons of incredible television, and now we prepare for season 11:

    Interested in the show? Start with the season 3. And that's all you need to know.
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  2. I’d say start with season 2 but 3 is where it starts to really get going... as for RHONY, this is THE series of the Real Housewives franchise. I believe that is the point Ramona was trying to make to Vicki on WWHL over the phone. Not that it was the first Housewives series, just that it was the one that ended up shaping all the others and being the most iconic.
  3. I mean, considering it gave us the first three part reunion and the first cast trip, it certainly set the stage (In many ways) for the rest of the cities to follow.
  4. They are… the mothers I never had. They are… the sisters everybody would want. They are the friends that everybody deserves (except Bethenny). I don’t know better people. I don’t know better people.
  5. BTG


    You didn’t give a special mention to the OG Alex?!

    You, @johnny_tsunami are in high school, and while you’re in high school, she is in Brooklyn trying to survive in this economy.
  6. A stan was born upon viewing this iconic moment.
  8. We are POP ICON.
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  9. Each episode of #NewYork packs more comedy, tragedy, and drama than most TV shows can wring out in an entire year. It's brilliantly funny, yet strangely uplifting too. I can't get enough of it.
  10. I literally put RHONY on when I'm having extreme anxiety and it soothes me every time. I can watch it endlessly.
  11. Listen @BTG ...
    You walked INTO THIS THREAD.....with your HERMAN MUNSTER SHOES....
  12. Let's enjoy these obituaries of a couple of our dearly departed icons, why don't we?

    Kelly Killoren Bensimon: She is an ardent Trump supporter. Ew. Leave Ramona and Sonja alone though. She also played the villain accidentally? It was kind of iconic to watch her try and go toe-to-toe with Bethenny only to lose the script halfway through every sentence. For example, telling Bethenny: "I'm up here. You're here!!" which she then tried to say she meant side by side,'re actually OVER THERE and I'm like, right here...or, you're a cook...NOT A CHEF!! The stress of being on camera appeared to gradually build and build over two seasons, until she visibly had something of a nervous breakdown during the infamous "Scary Island" trip, telling Alex she was a kabuki vampire and yelling about Al Sharpton. She was unlikeable from the start, quite frankly, as her montage footage showed her being another #RelatableGirl who...held up traffic in Manhattan by running in front of taxis?? She mellowed out in season 4 which resulted in her bringing nothing to the table by that point. A potentially iconic cameo appearance in season 7 also ended up being disappointing. The season 2 gang-up against her during the reunion is pretty iconic and the first evidence of true chemistry among the cast.

    Alex McCord: The girl who started out being a completely awkward, out-of-place social climber ended up somehow winning a place in our hearts by the end of her four season run. She found her voice, and also found her hives. Her most iconic moments were when she would try to confront her cast mates, most famously in season 3 when she played her "evil role" and delivered a message to Jill that Bethenny was "DONE" with her. This was then followed by an even MORE iconic, but under-appreciated, confrontation in which she was in Morocco with the gals and STOMPED "like a rhino" into the room, threw her scarf dramatically over her shoulder, and declared, "I NEED TO SPEAK WITH LUANN." Kelly told her she was having an "inauthentic moment" and to "shut her eyes" afterwards and...Alex....did that? ALEX WHY WOULD YOU JUST DO THAT? She went on to fall by a pool on Couple's Therapy and now she is like a psychologist in Australia. She also lived in a basement closet with her entire family of four during season 2 of RHONY and that was...something to behold.
  13. WAIT.

    KELLY supports Trump?!
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  14. Kelly was doing meth on the Scary Island Trip too, allegedly.

  15. Them being dressed like they're going to three different events is killing me.
  16. They chucked Sonja to the side again..
  17. Continuing our cast obituaries:

    Holla a.k.a Heather: My personal favorite of the "retired"/fired/"I quit on my own" housewives, Heather wasn't afraid to go toe-to-toe with Bethenny. She was a bit cringe-inducing, as she shoved "holla" down our throats and Ramona actually had a point about her fake smile (Her eyes screamed "I want to murder you" while she kept smiling!). However, she was intelligent, often adorable, and wasn't afraid to get down and dirty with a fight ("Don't tell me NOTHING, motherfucker!"). I think she brought a lot to the show, and she was honestly my favorite out of the Carole/Aviva/Heather re-vamp that the franchise got for season 5. Her husband was also FOYN. Her and Carole's friendship was cute and I like that she has made a couple of appearances to support Carole since she...left....the show following season 7. I think she would be a great one to return at some point.

    Aviva: Maybe she snapped. She started out incredibly normal and likeable. She made witty observations about Ramona and others in her early confessionals, and was refreshingly open and frank about her prosthetic leg and the injury that led to it. However, she gradually became reactionary and vindictive, beginning with a fight with Heather, and then seemingly viciously hating every single one of her cast mates. Allegedly, Bravo told her that she would be fired following her refusal to go on the cast trip on season 6. She attempted to have a big "moment" to get back in the good graces of Bravo, and decided that "moment" would be THROWING HER FUCKING LEG. The "leg throw" ranks up there with Teresa tossing the table in terms of notable Housewives moments. That whole scene remains amazing on a re-watch. Sonja shrugging the whole debacle off, Kristen gagging, Luann laughing's incredible television, if pre-planned. She clearly stopped caring by the season 6 reunion and let the gals HAVE IT, calling Carole "WRITER GIRL" scream and trying to lay all of her cast mates to waste. To many, she easily beats out Camille as the "most hated" housewife. But to me, she was at her best when she shamelessly stepped into the role of a villain. Like when she called Ramona and Sonja "white trash," and they hilariously had to google it to find out what it means.
  18. Oh honey! You clearly have too much time on your hands.
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  19. I never thought I would say this but I'm looking forward to having Tinsley back on my screen. Her crying over her eggs last season was low-key one of the best moments of the season and this season it sure seems like she'll steal the show with her "I'M LITERALLY FUCKING MISERABLE".
  20. This is how you show me the love I deserve??
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