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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Yeah she might be “popping up” but will Bravo fucking leave her footage in though?!
  2. Andy keeps commenting about how he hopes Bethenny will return one day. Even when she's not there, he sucks up to her. Bring back Jill for fuck sake.
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  3. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    I wonder if by “popping up” he means an official friend of.
  4. If Jill wants to get in the footage, she needs to stop playing nice and maybe start a fight or two.
  5. If Jill doesn’t ‘pop up’ next year more than she has in the past 2 seasons, I think the dream of having her back is truly over.
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  6. Yeah. This would have been the season to get her back but it doesn't look like it's going to happen in a main role capacity.
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  7. I have to wonder why not? At this point NY has the most OG's of any long-standing series and I feel like Bravo loves bringing back OG's (Dina, Sheree, Kim).
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  8. Andy very much dislikes Jill after some incident where she recorded one of their conversations, or something. Also, I don't think Ramona would want Jill back.
  9. I think not having Jill back has - historically - been down to Bethenny's refusal to film with her, until Bobby's funeral. Even after that, Bethenny wouldn't have anything to do with her.

    I think Bravo won't bring Jill back full-time in the event that Bethenny decides in a couple of years to return, which she would likely only do should Jill still be off the show. The backlash from firing Jill (again) to placate Bethenny would be huge, which would probably be their only option should Bethenny not agree to returning to face off with Jill like all the fans want.
  10. Jill and Bethenny aren't enemies anymore though. They aren't friends but Bobby dying brought them closure on their friendship breakup. B has said she has seen Jill out in NYC and they are cordial.

    Now I don't know how that would affect filming a reality show but we have plenty of women on these shows who hate each other and deal with each others presence. Granted we know B has Bravo and Andy's balls in a vicegrip so she probably could get Jill fired but I imagine even B knows the ratings gold them two being in the same room would be.
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  11. I agree and think it's ridiculous that a feud that - despite being "shocking" at the time - is so minor in the grand scheme of Housewives Feuds has been allowed to get to this point.

    There's probably so much more behind-the-scenes stuff that we'll never know pertaining to Jill, but it's not like Bravo have totally black-listed her - she's filmed for four consecutive years for the show by now.
  12. I need to know what the worst thing your friend Jill's ever done was and ALSO what Dorinda was screaming about on the phone last year! Release the tapes, Bravo!
  13. [​IMG]
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  15. I just don't get why they'd cut NY's season so short when there were so many events filmed used as flashbacks as well entire clips not used. The only series that doesn't have filler episodes has the least episodes.
  16. Im pretty sure you just answered your own question...
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  17. Also didn’t Barb’s situation lead to heavy re-editing on the season as a whole?
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