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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Ramona is a grade A cunt.
  2. It's weird.. for all of Ramona's antics, she's never really been cancelled? It's like she's that much of an asshole she's cancel-proof now. It doesn't feel like there's ever been a behind the scenes gang up to get her off the show, they always seem to forgive her.
  3. Who is this?

    Also YIKES at that stuff she’s being paid to hawk

  4. Edu


    Renee Zellweger's 2014 face teas.
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  5. That's... wow. Not @delusional_tsunami wishing his self-proclaimed mom off the show? What other dirty tricks do you have up in your pinot-filled hat?

  6. I think if only one needs to go, it’s Sonja. She’s tired at this point.

    Get rid of Sonja and Leah. Bring back B, Holla and Jill and demote Ramona to shock her into becoming the almost likeable villain again.

    New York has always worked because it’s been the perfect balance of personalities. Adding another girl who loves drunk antics to the mix was always going to be a recipe for disaster.
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. She’s come in way too strong out of the gate. That scene at the outdoor dinner a few episodes ago was unbearable to watch because of her behaviour. It should have been good TV but instead it just became a bit.. embarrassing? When Sonja gets like that there’s a history there that makes it more tolerable. We know practically nothing about Leah.

    Sure, seeing someone call out Ramona is fun! But Bethenny did it far better/more coherently.

    There are TOO many overbearing personalities. Yes, Tinsley didn’t exactly light up the show, but she had her moments and that’s all that mattered. This season has become a ‘who can yell the loudest’ scene practically every episode.
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  9. This is the worst take I have ever read!
  10. Drunk voodoo Sonja is an icon, I tell you. AN ICON.
  11. There’s no reason to bring back Jill if Ramona isn’t there. I would say bring back Jill and Holla for at least a season, and then do a massive culling of the cast. Leah and Luann can stay. Sonja and Dorinda as friends.

    Point being, a Jill/Ramona fallout needs to happen on screen before Ramona gets kicked off.
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  12. Why on earth are people suddenly calling for Holla to return?!

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  13. Okay upon a rewatch the old biddies fighting at Luann's voodoo party was a bit of a riot. Keep them all.
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  14. My old mom is DEAD.

    Drunk Voodoo Sonja is my MOM NOW.
  16. Sonja should be denoted to a ‘friend,’ but don’t you dare get rid of her.
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  17. I went to watch another random episode of housewives on Hayu and just realised I have a new New York episode to watch!


    Get the fuck out, seriously.

    "come in way too strong out of the gate"

    Are we watching the same show? This is fucking real housewives.
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  18. Give Dorinda an Emmy for her homicidal toast of Ramona Singer.
  19. I do think Ramonja will get split up but I think Sonja will stay. I don’t know if they’ll outright fire Ramona or offer her friend of like they did with Luann in Season 6. I wonder how if at all true the 2 returnees is...probably just a rumor but I do think having someone from the 4-6 era is a good way of nodding to the past but moving forward. I say trade in Ramona for Heather, and have Heather and Leah each bring in a friend each to be apple holders (one to take Tinsley’s and one to take Bethenny’s 7th.) If Ramona doesn’t want the friend of, let her walk, or if she takes it not having one will make her go off the rails...As horrible as she’s been this season, I don’t have the heart to say Dorinda needs to maybe take a break for a season but...we definitely can’t lose the majority of the core 4 (Ramona, Lu, Sonja, Dorinda) but they do need to be shaken up.
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  20. Andy will never get rid of Ramona. Will he bring in a younger housewive who's a friend of Leah's to piss Ramona off? ...probably!
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