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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. The gals should have taken a page out of the season 6 strategy book and trapped Ramona in a booth to confront ha.
  2. She’s just run her course, and that comes from a Sonja stan. Romona is atrocious, but it just wouldn’t feel right without her.

    There really does seem that be a consensus on Twitter that the show has lost something this season, and it’s hard not to agree. And these women are literally the only people I would die for*, so it’s tough to say that.

    *I’m on my third rewatch of the show from start to finish within the space of a year.
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  3. Her storyline is “I stopped drinking but now I’m drinking” and then she gets sloppy rather than entertaining. Throwing the ravioli was a moment, but overall I just don’t see what you guys are seeing. She doesn’t come across to me as a classic housewife in the making.

    I’m about to become banned from this thread aren’t I.
  4. Twitter love Eileen! They don’t know anything.
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  5. In the EAR and in the REARRrrrrr.
  6. I loved Eileen.

    Wow maybe I’m the problem.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. [​IMG]
  9. [​IMG]
  10. We love Eilegend too, rat.
  11. Wow expose yourself, beast.

  12. After having watched the episode, I don't think Ovary was shading Elyse at all? It sounded more like she was telling her sister to shut up because she's sick of hearing her explain their falling out.
  13. [​IMG]
    Eilegend was a better housewife than the majority of the current Beverly Hills cast, hated Lisa Vanderpump and even made Lisa Rinna bearable, periodT!!
  14. Anyone see Jill’s IG lives that are archived? They’re long but she does have some little quips of greatness, namely saying that jealousy runs rampant amongst the women, Luann and Sunya are the realest, and that none of the women bar Bethenny are actually brands LOL

  15. [​IMG]
  16. The only person I felt bad for this last episode was Elyse. You just know everything she was saying about Ramona was true.
  17. As much as I love/hate Ramona and Sonja, their shtick has gotten tired, it has been the same for multiple seasons.

    I would keep Dorinda, Luann and Leah.

    Add two newbies and bring back an old favorite - but not Bethenny, she sucks all the life out of a room, can't stand her.
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  18. I love them all but I do think we need a shake up. Sonja has run her course, I'd demote her to a friend and bring back Jill as a friend along with one new housewife.

    I'd give Ramona one last season to get involved. I almost felt bad for her in the last episode but I don't think she cares that much? She seems over the show and has for the last 2 seasons.
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  19. The issue with this show now is that the older ones, especially Ramona, seem to automatically bully, leave out and ignore any new girls that join the show. There is very clearly a pecking order because of who has been on the show longer and it’s getting tired and almost uncomfortable to watch. The way they’ve treated Tinsley and Leah this season has been horrendous for the most part. They need to get kicked off to maybe get off their high horses a bit. I’m also just tired of the same antics. That’s why Leah has been a breath of fresh air. We’re gonna need the show to be completely retooled eventually.
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