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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    Starting any thing I say in a group conversation from now on with “I have a question as a woman in power.”
  2. Jill asking if every gathering starts with Dorinda attacking someone was an iconic Zarin moment and I need her back.

    I can't believe everyone wasn't loving Sonja this last episode. She was a queen.
  3. Imagine not stanning Dorinda tearing Ramona to shreds in public and humiliating her infront of all of her fabulous girlfriends once again.

  4. Punctuated by Sonja's slurred, "YEAH, Ramona!!"s throughout.

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  5. We love to see it
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  7. Dorinda really brought her inner *Google translate voice* schadenfreude out to drag Ramona across social media.
  8. Dorinda can become the new supreme if she keeps this energy to destroy Ramona.
  9. Dorinda is pure Chaotic energy, the way she steamrolls whoever crosses her is amazing to watch, her points do get lost, but what a delight to watch.


  10. Elvira championing Leah, we love to see it. Anyone who's anyone stans Mother Mobster!
  11. I thought the actual real Elvira was supporting Leah. Oh, icons supporting icons etc.
  12. Why does Dorindas daughter dress like a long twink going as Anna Wintour for Halloween
  13. The more I see of Elyse the more I think she does deserve a shot at being a full cast member.

    They could’ve even upgraded her mid-season post-Tinsley or something.
  14. I still have no concept of why Twitter hates this season other than white gays continuing to stan everything awful, whether it's LVP or Sean Cody.
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  15. Twitter is terrible. White people are terrible. Beverly Hills is terrible.

    It all tracks.
  16. Edu


    Still thinking about that quick shot of Elyse Mistress Of The Dark grinding with a young gentleman. Icon.
  17. Not Sonja and Elyse meeting up at the shitty bar down the block from my last apartment.
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  18. This is gonna sound cringey, but I honestly relate to Leah so much hence why I've fucking loved her from the minute she graced our screens.
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  19. This is probably not right to say but I know with 100% certainty if I met Hannah I would fucking loathe her. Every single thing about her irritates me.
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