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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Yes! It's funny that a lot of the early Housewives seasons featured gay men as recurring characters in that very '00s "I love my gays/everyone needs a gay best friend!" way.

    Miss Lawrence, Derek J and Dwight on RHOA, Cedric and Justin on RHOBH, Brad on RHONY... I know I'm a broken record but I'd love to see a gay man as a 'Housewife'.
  2. I still think it would be such a cool idea if they let Bethenny moderate the reunions for RHONY. But Andy would nevah relinquish ha power.
  3. Maybe the cast/crew will be asked to self-isolate in the two weeks beforehand? Although I'm always here for a Ramona-dragging, I hope they don't dwell on Covid too much in the reunion, I want the pandemic to feature as little as possible in my escapist TV.

    LuAnn can be sat away from the rest of the cast. On the lower level.
  4. Could some of the ratings be attributed to a nonsensical schedule-wise break and then unceremonious return? I guess we'll have to see how BH does tonight to make that call.
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  5. We'll have to see how Beverly Hills performs in the ratings along with this weeks NYC.

    If it does under a million again then I imagine some conversations will be had.
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  6. I could tell there was tension between Jill and Dorinda in that Halloween scene. It's also interesting that Ramona and Jill clearly still don't get along. Two more reasons to bring back Jill, really. It's cute that Luann was trying to get her on the show. Especially if she was willing to do two weeks of filming, it could have been a nice test to see how she gelled with the group.
  7. I’m sure their +7 Day numbers will hold, people just forgot it was on likely because of the break. I’m sure BH will dip too, but they’ll both bounce back.

    I do think that, regardless, Bravo will be “looking at how to move forward” with RHONY.
  8. We've all been saying this for weeks. A shake-up is absolutely required. I think Dorinda and Sonja are strangling the show, others think Ramona and/or the others have outstayed their welcome. It'll be a tough decision regardless.
  9. Just one housewife should not be able to block returnees/newbies. Production should punish them by adding Jill and Elyse next year.
  10. Bethenny Frankel Responds to Fans Who Want Her Back on RHONY, Reacts to Show Being Called “Unwatchable Chaos,”


    Instead of Bethenny, how about...
  11. Aviva can stay out of this franchise. Yes, she stirs the pot but she doesn't fly anywhere, she doesn't partake in anything. Give me Jill and Elyse and Heather, please and thank you.
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  12. If Aviva was still in the cast she'd probably release COVID-19 droplets through her leg as a means of biochemical warfare at the reunion


    I miss her
  13. To be completely honest, I'm confident Dorinda blocked Jill because she clearly isn't as boozy and if Ramona's pinot loving was "problem" behavior in season 4 - imagine what she would have to say about Dorinda (and Sonja) being absolutely shitfaced every episode.
  14. Season 4 was so chaotic, in the best way.

    - The psychotic duo of Cindy and Kelly discussing Cindy's inability to confront her "snooty" nanny
    - Alex having a birthday party in a freezing green space and throwing champagne over her child's head
    - Kelly's uncanny impression of The Countess during their trip to Cindy's hair removal studio
    "Dahhhling we don't talk about lund-scahping!"
    - Alex's Bride of Frankenstein/Coraline modelling shoot ffff
  15. I don't know, I just think Dorinda was genuinely pissed at Jill and unleashed her neverending rage, like she normally does.

    I don't think Aviva would mesh well with this cast though, she was the perfect villain at the perfect time.
  16. IN YOUR EAR AND IN YOUR REAR, Bethenny!!
  17. Bethenny is not wrong, even if I've still loved the season. Usually there would be an event or a trip which would lead to a mess but it truly has been every single episode of debauchery.
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  18. On a side note: I wish they'd send the women to Europe for a cast trip. Beverly Hills girls always get the best locations yet they're so dull.
  19. Yes I'd love to see Sonja giving the girls a guided tour of St Tropez or LuAnn taking them skiing in Switzerland! It's actually bizarre that they haven't done it yet? I guess because they generally film in the winter when the weather in Europe is bad.
  20. Obviously it won't happen this year given the apocalypse, but it'd be iconic if they started next season with a Eurotrip at the end of summer, forcing Ramona/Dorinda/Sonja/Lu/Leah to bond with two new girls (or Jill) over some spacecakes in Amsterdam.
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