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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. "My name's in the Blue Book and no one can take that away from me!!!"

  2. I swear to god if we never see that Dorinda Demon/Leah removing her coat scene I am convinced Thugrinda is bullying the producers. First the never-seen trailer moment of her on the phone, then blocking Jill from the Berkshires and now this?!
  3. Her waking up every Friday to just tweet about how bad RHONY is without her is... weirdly sad.

    On the B note, my rewatch of Season 8 is really doing her no favors. In a 4–5 episode span, she's racist to Jules, transphobic to Luann, and slut-shaming to Luann all in the same confessional taping. Absurd!
  4. We need a full-time Jill Zarin return before I can entertain the possibility of a Bethenny comeback.
  5. It's creepy
  6. I don't know if Bethenny can do anything to save the show when last series was mostly okay and she was still part of it. Her presence isn't absolutely necessary. This series is also mostly okay. With luck we see a much needed cast shake-up and then RHONY can return to Season 10 levels of greatness. In saying that, Heather being previewed next week was the most exciting thing. I didn't realise how much I missed her.
  7. I'm really glad Elyse is getting some air time. I think she could deliver in a full time role next year.

    Is there a way to bring Elyse on while also bridging the gap between Leah and the other women? Is it bringing Holla back at the same time?
  8. Just finished the episode and I've come to a conclusion:

    This should be Ramona's final season. I was undecided for the majority of episodes but it's clear she's over the whole thing and if anything.. she's a bit of a buzzkill? She no longer wants to join in with the ladies, it seems she'd rather commit to two hours of filming and then leave to go elsewhere. Somehow, she's become worse of a human being. Before it was entertaining because she was still invested but now it's awkward.

    On the flip side, Sonja deserves one more year on the show for the fact that she's entertaining and committed. The opposite of Ramona. I know people are bored of her drunk antics but I think she brings a lightness and fun that's kind of missing with some of the heavy shit. I like Elyse as well but I'm not sure if she should be full-time, we'll have to see how the rest of the season unfolds. Atleast if Sonja is kept on, Elyse could still feature as a friend for another season. Even more so if Jill returns.

    Luann, Sonja, Dorinda, Leah, two new faces and a returnee. I just hope the get the casting right, the show definitely needs 7 members.
  9. Before I die I just need a season where Jill and Bethenny team up again *sigh.*
  10. I'm OBSESSED with this post

  11. Ok but girls... I scrolled down and the husband, maybe she should be full-time afterall...

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  12. There's an entire Getty Images album of Carole and Ghislaine Maxwell partying together.
  13. Writer Girls, come collect your fave!
  14. Has Carole done “a Tinsley” and denied being friends with her yet?
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  15. Me, a nervous Carole stan.
  16. Didn't Carole do some interview with that Heather woman where she discusses how she knows Ghislaine? It must have been after Epstein's death.
  17. We were right to hate her all along! Looks like her 5 good summers are finally up.
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  18. Yup, and basically said she barely knows her... even though Ghislaine did her headshots for her book. I’m going to keep stanning unless something bad is confirmed, Carole is such a legendary ‘wife.
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  19. I mean... you can be close to someone without knowing every details of their life.
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