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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Right
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  2. I was a bit baffled by Luann's reaction at Sonja? It looked so out of character for her

    Also Dorinda keeps delivering, the fact that she tried to support Sonja claiming that Luann never cared for her and then went to drag her... scream

    I wish they'd bring Elyse next season, she has a history with a lot of cast members and I like her energy
  3. It did seem.. a bit rehearsed. I think it's because she was drunk.
  4. I love because there’s no overall arc this season, each episode is like a Monster of The Week episode.

    And Dorinda is the Monster each week.
  5. I went into a bit of an Epstein rabbit hole after Ghislaine was arrested and was looking at the flight logs for Epstein’s planes. And there was a woman’s name that kept cropping up (I can’t remember it now), and I searched her on google images and the first image she was with Miss Sonja Tremont Morgan.
  6. The way that every episode spirals into total drunken chaos, I just... I love this season. Ramona VS Elyse, Dorinda VS Ramona, Luanna VS Sonja, Luann VS Dorinda. Leah flawlessly narrating it all.

    Luann is a horrible drunk. Next weeks looks as iconic as ever.
  7. I’m back on board after this episode. They’re all so iconic.
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  8. I know I'm in the minority but I'm serious when I say that this has been one of my favorite seasons.

    I see the show's value as it being an ensemble sitcom that is too hilarious and outrageous to be fiction. It's like if the cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia were all women in their fifties and somehow even more morally corrupt.

    The editors finally embracing the chaos and madness has been an Arrested Development-esque journey into insanity.
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  9. This is genuinely what I’ve wanted out of New York ever since the drunken days of Mexico.
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  10. I'm also falling back in love with Sonja after she screamed at that goat, stole corn and became a dark voodoo priestess.
  11. Hi, Ladies! (First time I have logged in for a while, but I have been keeping up with you all!) So, Queen Elyse replied to my story on Instagram and confirmed that Ramona is in fact trying to keep her off the reunion... I'm almost halfway through the most recent episode and love these women - I'm not sure why it's getting some heat online?! Anyway, Elyse and Leah for full-time apples next season!
  12. Elyse will 100% be at the reunion. I’d be very surprised if the producers give into Ramona, especially since I feel like they hate her ddd.
  13. I hope so! Although I think it is telling how she specifically said that Ramona was trying to keep her off, as if that decision hasn't been made yet? Maybe I'm reading too much into it... I have messaged her back anyway, so will update you all if I hear back!
  14. Whew, what an episode! I’m loving this season, I don’t see what these worthless girls on Twitter are complaining about.
  15. Ramona and Dorinda should be the quaking in their booTs a biT more. The omnipotence of the OGs hath faded, just ask Tamra and Teresa.

    At least the former has been a little more nervous.
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  16. She's filmed confessionals, as well as self recorded one's at home. Plus she's featured in 75% of the season and signed on as a friend midway through. I would imagine Dorinda, Sonja and Leah will push for her to appear as well.
  17. A gal who stans Dark Queen Elyse, Leah, and this season?? You are right at home, sis!
  18. I liked Elyse this episode. She's like Sutton to me, I don't get the hate for them. Once Ramona realized production wanted Elyse to be around more, especially once Tinsley just quit when they were already down a wife because of Bethenny, she cut those ties hard and fast. I think with Sonja and then Dorinda coming on and being popular she does NOT want any of her "50 girlfriends" on this show to steal anymore of her thunder. I'm wondering what happens to where Elyse doesn't go on the cast trip later since she's there at the Berkshires. And next week we get HOLLA!

    I'm going to keep putting it out there that I want Heather back next season. Give me a Luann, Dorinda, Leah, Heather core ...with 3 new women as apple holders that shows NY diversity (African-American, Latina, Asian, Middle Eastern, a lesbian, a trans woman, an immigrant (don't care from where, she can even be white) that didn't grow up here in the states or moved here as like an early teen or something)...give me NEW YORK. Then give me some combination of Sonja/Elyse/Jill as friends of (or even one being an 8th apple holder if they want to have more familiar faces and a big cast a la season 7.) I think having one of the new women be older to fit into the Lu/Dorinda/Friend Of group and the other two be somewhere around Heather's age but no younger than Leah would give us both the old and the "new" New York. I also want them to be unknowns, or not as knows, I don't want NY to become BH which is overrun with actresses---that being said I don't care if it's here, Beverly Hills, wherever, what I wouldn't give to have Kimora Lee and Candis Cayne on either show (since I know they have lived in both but I think both are West Coast stays now). Ramona had pulled a Nene and has checked out and thinks she's above the show. Once a housewife does this, I don't care how much I love them, it's time for them to move on. I could see Sonja potentially holding onto her apple, especially if somehow Ramona does go. Again, I know everyone thinks I'm crazy but my gut is telling me Ramonja is getting split up.
  19. Yes, she definitely has support from the rest of the women in the cast. I am just worried that if Ramona has that much pull with production (I do love Romona, but don't see how she does given her edits!), that they won't let her on. Actually, If they let Barbra K on, then I think Queen Elyse will make an appearance! To be a fly on the wall on these shows...
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