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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. The way Ramona is to newbies is not new (Holla, Kristin and Tinsley have all felt the Ramona welcome) but with Leah its something else entirely. It really highlighted how far on the... right wing spectrum she is.
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  2. The thing that’s different about Ramona is she has two very vocal housewives happy to call her out on every problematic thing she’s ever done. They’re not going to let her out of this.
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  3. She's practically indestructible. If Ramona was on the way out, I think Elyse would still be around. That Bravo yielded to Ramona's demands seems to indicate she still has influence. Or maybe it had little to do with Ramona and production decided Elyse simply wasn't working. I think we'll get some news soon. Somehow, it doesn't feel the same as Vicki and Braunwyn, where you can almost see the changing of the guard.
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  4. If Ramona is booted and the show is anchored by Lu, Ragerinda, Sonja and Leah next season I can't see it getting any better.

    Production need to delve deeper into LuAnn and RamonJa's personal lives and tell stories that aren't just about drinking - that's the problem. Season 13 would ideally see all 5 main cast returning and navigating their personal lives. What will Dorinda do now she's single? Show us Lu and her boyfriend. Who is Sonja boning? etc.

    Add two new housewives that have clear stories to tell, plus some guests (Elyse/Holla/maybe Carole/Jill) for the nostalgia, film everyone and then give out six golden apples based on who brings the most.

    We love this how for the frivolity but the perfect Housewives season - to me - balances group drama and dynamics with personal storylines that are engaging. Trying to squeeze 18 episodes out of 10+ drunken events does not an interesting season make.
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  5. Reunion tomorrow!!

  6. Dorinda after Leah’s cult fans wipe out the entire first half of the season and take her ass off the frying pan because Ramona was mean.

  7. Just put Ramona on a couch by herself, let everyone go at her for three episodes straight and then if she can make it through that, she can come back for season 13.
  8. My Married to The Mob sweatpants and "too many fuckboys" shirt arrived today... the Little Mobster jumped out.
  9. Whew I'm gonna be so mad when my Sonja Morgan knock-off sweatpants imported from wish dot com give me a mooseknuckle and infection while you look fab.

  10. The best parts of Avivas reign of terror are appearing on Youtube again, I forgot how great those last few episodes of season 5 were!
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  11. The way Aviva calmly says, "Coming from you? Coming from you? Coming from you? (x12) Being the BIGGEST compliment!" What a queen and icon!

    Part 2

    God forbid you ever lose YOUR HUSBAND. OR YOUR HOUSE.

    OR A LEG?? OR A LEG??
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  12. Quite funny that this is how Ramona is treating Leah now.
  13. Ramona wishes she had the same graceful savagery as Aviva.
  14. Very glad they're beginning this reunion with some fresh anger:
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  15. The whole cast are going to be against her aren't they
  16. Sonja will eventually cave to Ramona’s side. She has no backbone.
  17. Ramona doing her most to gain some points.... tardiness from the others girls ain’t it, you’re gonna have to do better Corona Singer.
  18. That clear mask though. Avery's sister's ARTPOP could mean anything.
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  19. Hopefully they were late because they had to pick up Elyse on the way to the Reunion.
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