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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Well this is true. I dont think anyone would argue with that
  2. "You wanna deck me, deck me, go ahead and deck me!"
    As the scene progresses you can see Amanda Image Consultant knowing she's blown her chances of staying around on the show.

    Luann's presence is missed in the first three episodes of S6, but her and Carole making up is still nice.
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  3. Holding onto my tinfoil hat and fully investing in the narrative that Dorinda just needed a season off and will be back for Season 14.
  4. Dorinda works when the dichotomy of her being an absolute sweetheart and nice warm lady and the raging monster who will destroy the very core of your being through her slurring is balanced, I loved how iconically terrifying she was on season 12, but at times it got a bit too messy, still, she's my favourite housewife ever.

    I actually think Jill complete self sabotage makes her quite amazing, I don't think she would have worked as a full time housewife from season 5 onwards, but I wished she got more cameos and a bit more prominence, she's messy and still have a lot history with lot of the girls, and her feud with Ramona is so entertaining, the ultimate frenemies.
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  5. After just finishing rewatching the S12 reunion, Dorinda was a bit tainted after that. Not because of her behavior, but because of the reasons behind her behavior. I know Ratrole tried to say on Twitter that Dorinda was angry because Tinsley wasn’t being “real”, but that’s bull.

    Dorinda was mad because Tinsley was basically taken care of money wise while she was hemorrhaging money with Blue Balls Manor repairs, having to rely on John’s unreliable sweaty, sloppy, coked out mess of a self to help her out when she broke her rib when she probably wanted a “Scott”-like person to just be there for her with gifts and money and that John went and asked Scott for a handout in S11.

    Dorinda couldn’t hide at the reunion and relented as much as she could and looked like an absolute idiot when those archived clips were rolled while she’s screaming “I don’t know anything about John borrowing money!” when she clearly did.

    Still, she’s a Louise stan, so I’ll happily enjoy it if she comes back in the future nn.
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  6. Since we're doing confessions...


    Sonja sucks xx
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  7. The producer's really put the nail in her coffin with that Unseen Production Footage Gag
  8. Edu


    Wow, Bethenny, wow. I'm sorry but New York City already has a real comedienne.

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  9. Sonja honestly could be a comedian if she tempered the sex jokes with some of her depraved back alley veterinarian in lieu of medical care stuff.

    I've never met a more naturally comedic AND demented housewife.
  10. It wasn't only that incident (though it really didn't help), but moreso the turkey baster gag that killed Dorinda's standing with fans. Once she said that, it was over. Bit with Tinsley returning next season, now would be a good time for her and Dorinda to repair their friendship. In footage from other seasons, they're actually really fun together.
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  11. I'm a shameless Skinnybottom and would happily buy an expensive ticket to watch Bethenny do stand-up. She had hilarious one liners until the very end.
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  12. The love for Bethenny disappeared quickly once she came back to the show. The Season 10 reunion officially turned me off her. Though I would love to see how Jill reacted to Bethenny saying “this has never happened before. I’ve never lost a real friendship like this”** when talking about her and Carole.

    **Not verbatim but basically this...
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  13. Sometimes I watch old clips from Bethenny’s talk show. It’s so tragic! Some of her recipes are interesting, though.
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  14. Cindy’s brother does things to me.
  15. The Season 4 finale was painful. There's a reason why everyone got fired.
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  16. I just finished it and wow. The yelling.
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  17. The VENOM Jill had for Alex was too much.
  18. Avery’s Underage Sister’s party boat pregnancy scare will never not be iconic.
  19. And Sonja genuinely believing it like the dingbat that she is.
  20. I love to watch Bethenny but the idea of her doing a stand up routine feels like the entry circle for hell.
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