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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. "But honestly Lady Morgan's house is crumbling down..."
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  2. For the record I just want to say that season 4 is a very entertaining mess.

    Some of my personal highlights are:
    - Jill attempting to go on an apology tour that lasted less than an episode before she mocked Alex at the wedding by saying she was "beneath" the entire guest list.
    - Ramona talking shit about Cindy's brother when his wife was right behind her.
    - Sonja making the march for marriage equality all about her.
    - Sonja kicking Alex out of her house while Alex was in bondage gear.
    - Sonja making everyone go to a party in a cramped, dusty basement and the cast realizing simultaneously that she was absolutely nuts.
    - Ramona bringing and drinking her own pinot at Jill's anti-bullying event and mocking Jill's step-daughter.
    - Everyone dragging Cindy's first group event and Sonja scolding her about a "pecking order."
    - Everything about the Morocco trip being classic RHONY.
    - Luann scolding Alex for her behavior and fashions (Herman Munster shoes etc.).
    - Chic C'est La Vie.
    - Sonja cutting Cindy out of the Morocco pictures.
    - Everyone deciding that they hated Cindy by the end, even Andy Cohen.
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  3. Carole woke up this morning and chose homophobia!

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  4. I don't watch The Bachelor, and I know Colton has made a lot of mistakes that I literally also just learned about today, but I watched his interview on Twitter this AM and felt incredibly sad for him. My coming out process was tough and included years of behavior that was destructive both to me and those around me. I was, at one point, in the exact same place that he mentioned being; I felt like I'd rather be dead than ever come out. I wish people would shut the fuck up when they know nothing about a situation. It's very easy for a rich old hag to comment when she's never had to struggle with internalized homophobia or suicidal thoughts.
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  5. Might have to shred the stan card on that one...
  6. Think I'll join you on that one.
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  7. Told you all that Carole was rotted ever since she ran that marathon.
  8. Carole, girl.

    A few women never had a chance with a guy on a reality show? Okay... and. It’s hardly a traumatic experience for them. Imagine seeing a story about a man who felt forced to hide his authentic self for years and thinking the real victims are the handful of women he “dated” on a reality show.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. What an odd thing for Carole to get on him for when the low-hanging fruit of him stalking and tracking his ex's car and getting a restraining order is right there.
  11. Where's gender liquid legend Babs when you need her?
  12. What kind of former journalist doesn't do her research!


    Carolegend needs to pipe down immediately. My stan card has been laminated don't make me peel that shit, girl.
  14. Praying she’s using her ghostwriter for these tweets.
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  15. Bethenny hacked her account.
  16. People stanned CAROLE?!
  17. Stan cards can stay intact because that Colton guy is a legitimate, unhinged psycho. I don’t know if anyone follows Bachelor Nation drama, but he stalked one of the girls after she eliminated herself and she eventually relented and went into a relationship with him only for him to break up with ha and come out. He’s messy. Good on him for coming out, but Ratrole isn’t in the wrong either.
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  18. Can you believe it girls? I was right all along!


    There's a reason I don't stan péddafÿles.
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  19. You are my true sister. Hating Carole all along!
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