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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Just started season five and WHERE IS JILL!?
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  2. Now shading Tinslegend? It’s time we riot.
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  3. Poor Tinsley nn.
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  4. Carole... how could you.
  5. Carole really put on her granny glasses and thought she was going to read Bethenny to filth. Instead she got confused, over-shot her mark and lost all of the good will she had built-up throughout season 10 in a matter of minutes. Colossal flop. She has only gotten worse after she got fired.
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  6. I mean, Bethenny literally wouldn't stop talking over her and tripping her up. Quite a tactic on her part but like... Still team Carole for that fight. Bethenny was showing her narcissist/sociopathic side. You could see the enjoyment she was getting from it all. Also, Bethenny doesn't understand how age shaming works.
  7. The way Tinslegend Godtimer riles up these girls... we have to stan the new fan favourite.
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  8. Yes.
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  9. Coco really is the supreme at SEVENTEEN years old.

    RIP Cookie, Ginger, and now Aston: The OG Real Housedogs of New York.
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  10. The loss of a legend. Wow! Coco is truly the supreme of the show.
  11. After years of being told Carole "ended" Bethenny at the reunion...

  12. I always have, and always will, adore Carole as a Real Housewife, Colton is an awful Candace Owen-loving Republican who has some terrible past actions he should be held accountable for, and The Bachelor has proven it does a terrible job of vetting the people on the show (see last season’s racist winner)... but Mrs. Miss. Writer Girl’s take was some ice cold Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmo buffoonery.
  13. It seems like Carole has spent all of her remaining good summers and all left in there is a jaded, hypocritical asshole.
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  14. I've decided the best and most underrated scene of season 10 is Dorinda's "herin ordict" soliloquy
  15. I don't care if you're da biggest...hoarder...her'in.........attic..........pros-duh-dility!
  16. The Season 5 cast is honestly iconic.
  17. The season 9 cast is absolutely perfect, though.
    The way Bethenny and Ramona continuously circle each other like decrepit, eldritch horrors competing for domination of the universe...And then Tinsley!
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  18. *smudged joker smile*...I would never shame you.... i would invite you to my house and say... "who the fucks goin awn"
  19. Season 9 was iconic too but I’d take Carole, Holla, and Aviva over Tinz any day.
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