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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    “She DIED, Aviva, that’s not a compliment!”

    “Why don’t you get a job?”

    “I just don’t like you that much.”

    Heather was iconic.
  2. Honestly season 5 and 6 have been so criminally underrated. Aviva and Heather were iconic, I'd love to see either of them coming back.
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  3. Heather was a wonderful addition to the cast but season 5 was a bit of a snooze for me, compared to the other iconic seasons that we have.

    It still has its fair share of moments, of course:

    Really Ramona??? What dirty tricks are you going to pull out of your PINOT filled hat next??

    Welcome to my trailer!!

    I heard two male was Luann's......
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  4. I'm rewatching the season 5 trip right now and it's iconic and a blue print for the trips in seasons 7, 9 and 10 I would say.

    - Ramonja being diabolical but the life of the party

    - LuAnn having a #MoneyCantBuyYouClass #Moment and fucking Thomas the pirate whilst in a relationship with Jacques and while Thomas is also spoken for

    - Aviva pulling a Zarin and turning up late with ha man & driving Ramona insane in the process

    - Sonja pulling a Countess and snatching LuAnn's booty call the following night - giving me major Tom D'Agostino teas
  5. I don't remember which season Heather and Aviva came in but that was the only season where I felt like alot of the drama was 'staged'.

    The chemistry wasn't right and something off right from the go. I think it's because of the mass cast overhaul and the girls don't really know each other that well at that time to suss out the other.

    The season after that, however, was better. I think it was the one with the leg-throwing Aviva.
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  6. I almost forgot the party that Sonja threw for Aviva's anniversary with ha husband during season 5, too. That was an iconic mess of epic proportions. That tragique pop star performance that was a total mismatch for the event...Heather chasing Ramona around the venue...a total of 5 people attending.
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  7. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    I can’t stop thinking about Heather telling Aviva to get a job. Collab with Jasmine Masters, queen.
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  8. Heather fulfilled the role that went missing after Bethenny , even better than her.

    I loved Bethenny more as a narrator, she did have the best talking heads, and she was really able to eviscerate all of them in an argument, bar Ramona, I actually think that the main reason Kelly and Luann went so hard after Alex was because Bethenny was not there.
  9. I like Heather, but I think she's the most overrated underrated housewife (if that makes sense.)

    This is a show that thrives on the fight between darkness and delusion, and Heather's not really there. Except for her cringe attempt to being a #coolchick. HOLLA!
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  10. Heather brought good energy but I definitely didn’t like her during her time on the show (maybe it was bc I was younger and the whole holla thing really annoyed me), but I like that she was one of the few who didn’t put up with bethenny (around season 7)
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  11. Okay but remember when Sonja and Ramona ordered air conditioning into Heather's garage/house and infuriated her by cooling off their vaginas??
  12. Cackling remembering the incident where Holla and co. waited in Sonja's freezing entrance for like an hour while she was upstairs.
  13. Ramona arriving at Heather’s House in the Berkshires: “Is this the garage?”

    Truly one of a kind.
  14. Ramona is the true relatable queen

  15. I hated Heather while she was on the show but the second she left I really missed her. Alex, too. Essential.
  16. I truly think the only misstep they have had with casting in this series is with Aviva. Sure, she had some great dramatic moments (throwing her leg out onto the floor) but she also had some insane lows (basically everything that wasn’t her throwing her leg onto the floor). I will say, the trip to St Bart’s was great and her delusional arrival was gold.
    Especially when Bravo forced her to take the second plane and didn’t tell her about the boat... if I’m remembering my Housewife history properly, I remember Alex mentioning in her YouTube video reviews.

    It also made me miss Alex cause at least when Simon was around, he brought some drama. Reid followed her everywhere and brought absolutely nothing to the show.
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  17. Heather was a great housewife and in a lot of ways was the saving grace of season 5. She did a lot of heavy lifting in terms of the much-needed fights and cattiness when the others weren't prepared to. Wasn't afraid to bring the drama and go up against Ramona either, which is some feat when you consider Aviva was firmly lodged up her ass to begin with. Her career is arguably the most impressive out of most housewives too. Ramona brands herself a "fashion" girl but really Heather's properly done it. She also has the Dorinda quality about her of being down to earth but not afraid to be a savage when needed to "Motherfucker!!!" (Lu's reaction, scream!)
    However, she lacked that something to take up the the upper echelons of housewife history. I think it boiled down to her being probably just a bit too normal at heart and non-messy. A big part of why I liked her was the friendship with Carole (who's probably blacklisted from Bravo now), so there's no need for her to return. That is my thesis on Heather, you're welcome.
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  18. We can't have this thread without our official national anthem:

    That middle 8 is still everything.
  19. This and Money Can't Buy You Class were both on my pride playlists and I'm not sorry.
  20. Please tell me you also had Google Me by Kim Zolciak?
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