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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Babe don’t worry, she’s probably less awful than pop icon Ramona and we can still enjoy the content she produces!
  2. It was just really odd that she seemed to fixate on any aspect of Holla to make her problematic, but then didn't seem to have any animosity in person for Luann? Make it make sense.
  3. Leah is insufferable at this point. She's like a lingering black cloud in every single scene and completely sucks the energy out of the dynamics. It's like a desperate attempt to remain at the forefront. Clearly being a fan favourite last season has gotten to her head but as we all know in housewife world, it has a shelf life. I was all for Heather standing her ground and being completely unphased by Leah spiralling out of control at the end of the episode. I did have to laugh that Leah lost it at Heather calling her a bitch when she entered the van... but just two minutes prior, Leah called her a bitch quite a few times. I think Heather not reacting and just smiling at her got her even more riled up.
  4. Also… Heather looked amazing in her pageant look…? Eboni mentioned there was more to come between the two but if Leah doesn’t go out that night and they all wake up and she’s in New Jersey, what’s going to happen? Isn’t this trip the last we see of queen Holla?
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  5. Ever since someone compared Leah to Brandi I feel like a similar downfall is inevitable.
  6. I absolutely LOVE Sonja these past two episodes.

  7. This weeks episode was frustrating, which is not something I ever feel watching RHONY, that’s mostly a feeling exclusive to RHOBH or RHOD. We knew the girls were going disappoint as soon as a person of colour came into the fold so it’s no surprise, but still frustrating.

    I was surprised somewhat with Heather. Her “articulate” comment just made me cringe so much I actually wanted to hide.

    Leah though, she’s just a fucking drag. Whoever likened her to Brandi was dead on. Everything feels so forced and insincere. I’m 100% over her.

    I’m glad we’re back in the city next week. Where the fuck is Bershan though?!? Now’s the time!
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  8. Leah is giving me Soggy vibes as far as a sophomore slump goes. Miserable and offensive turnip.
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  9. I’d take Soggy over Leah any day.

  10. This made me cringe sooo much. I'm hoping we get her for the reunion so we can maybe see some acknowledgement/change as I feel like Heather is one of the few housewives to own up to things when she screws up. I'm not surprised that most of the housewives are failing but I am surprised that Sonja Tremont Morgan was the most informed out of them all.
  11. The preview for next week made it seem like she's going to address it at the breakfast table, I think.

    During one of Leah's diatribes on IG about Heather last year, she mentioned the articulate comment, so I'm almost positive it'll come up in Leah and Heather's fight in the next episode.
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  12. The producer's would be stupid if they at least haven't secured a Holla cameo at the Reunion.
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  13. LuAnn being more problematic than even Ramona this season so far…the way cabaret fans are LOSING in 2021

  14. Between Luann and Porsha I guess I'm shredding two stan cards this year huh

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  15. Leah is the worst thing to happen to the franchise in YEARS.
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  16. Fixed.
  17. I cannot believe how much Leah annoys me after last year. I wasn't stanning quite yet, but I was really feeling her last season. Now her energy is so draining I truly think this season may be irredeemable.
  18. Heather clearly stepped wrong when she used “articulate”. But at the start of the episode she handled Lu’s nonsense perfectly, and she’s clearly the kind of woman to hear a criticism, understand and apologise. I’m just so upset Leah’s driven her off the show, honestly.

    None of these women will be perfect, they’re middle-aged white people who grew up with privilege. But whereas Lu’s reaction is immediately of anger, Heather’s is always going to be with grace (I’m half way through the episode so if this changes I hold the right to take this back).
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  19. Leah telling Holla to stop inserting herself into everything... She must be joking right?! Can we get a break from her???
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  20. Leah: “I’m not gonna vote”
    Holla: “You should vote”
    Leah in her confessional after realising how she might come across and trying to worm her way out of it: “Of course I’m GOING to vote is she stupid.”

    Sorry but this woman is a plant by another network to end Real Housewives from the outside in there is no other explanation.
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