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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. The shot of LuAnn peering down at Eboni during her spoken word cvcvvfdsfbfd

  2. Here’s the preview clips for next week:

    First thoughts on Bershan is that I think she’ll be perfect for the show. In that clip she lived up to what I expected based on her social media. Fun, quirky and I think we’ll see substance. She seems like she’ll be able to keep up with this group.

    Now the Ramona/Eboni clip? I’ll wait and see the entire thing before completely writing her off, but I’m tired of Eboni. It’s like she’s trying to create an issue. Everybody knows Ramona is a Republican so the only reason to have a conversation like that is to cause Ramona to say something you don’t like so you can clap back. Ramona is trying to get along with Eboni too which makes it more annoying. Where is that energy for her Federalist queens Leah and Megan McCain? It’s coming off phony.
  3. I like Eboni making Ramona feel uncomfortable. Yes, we all know Ramona is a Republican but she can't even muster up some celebration for the first female Vice President. If Ramona doesn't want to talk about any of that, maybe she needs to go... or open up a little more.
  4. I don't necessarily agree re: Eboni x Ramona but
    Oop. Now we said it.
    Also, has Leah ever addressed that mess with Michael Che?
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  5. I don’t think so. And I doubt she ever will.
  6. Dd can you imagine Ramona flavorlessly being like "ah yes a female vice president how lovely" and moving right along. Avery Singer's Distant Genetic Descendant continues to provide shenanigans, antics, and entertainment. Bless Eboni for being able to go toe-to-toe with her, it's rare to see Ramona interact with someone who can take her.
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  7. Everything Ramona does is effortlessly iconic this season. She's giving me batty grandma vibes.
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  8. Demonic.
  9. Bershan is going to singlehandedly bring the show back to life, I already know it.
  10. Bershan radiating type A, big dick, queen energy. I'm not always right... but I'm never wrong.
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  11. The way Sonja ended performative activism.
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  12. Sonja screaming about performative activism in the same way she screamed about the Morgan letters, yes that narrative continuity does taste sweet.
  13. The way we went into this season with everything thinking Sonja should get the axe and now we're all one big happy family sailing aboard the Morgan yacht. You simply LOVE to see it!
  14. I'm so excited for Bershan!
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  15. I commented "Can't wait!!!" on her post and she replied "yeah thanks"

    Drag me!
  16. A cast of Ramona, Sonja, Lu, Dorinda, Bethenny, Leah, Eboni, and Bershan would be so iconic and chaotic (sure, we haven't yet met Bershan, but I'm as ready to stan as everyone here apparently is). Save Tinsley for a mid-season Friend Of to revive Dorinda's wrath after she gets a warm re-intro. In fact, give Dale her long-deserved apple and keep Tins as her friend. Dale would never leave us for some shlub in Chicago!
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  17. Sonja having three great episodes in a row...

  18. The Little Sonjarita's continue to win and be well fed.
  19. Me relishing in all this Sonja praise and waving my platinum stan card about knowing full well she'll revert back to being a drunken mess by episode 17 and @countesstino will say they told me so.
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